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Parseable Raises $2.75M in Seed Funding to Revolutionize Log Analytics & Observability

Parseable Raises $2.75M in Seed Round


Parseable Raises $2.75M in Seed Funding to Revolutionize Log Analytics & Observability

Parseable, a Bengaluru-based startup, has secured a seed funding round of US$2.75 million led by Surge and NP-Hard Ventures, marking its entry into the burgeoning log analytics market. The investment will drive Parseable’s mission to innovate in managing the growing volumes of log data generated by modern digital businesses.

The exponential growth of data creation globally, forecasted to surpass 180 zettabytes by 2025, underscores the importance of log analytics. Analyzing log data can provide valuable insights into application performance, user behavior, and security threats. However, efficiently managing and analyzing this data without high operational costs or sacrificing scalability has been a challenge.

Parseable tackles these challenges with a cloud-native approach, leveraging the benefits of cloud computing such as scalability, reliability, and flexibility. Unlike traditional log management systems, Parseable can dynamically adjust resources to meet demand, ensuring effective data management regardless of volume.

Utilizing open formats like Apache Parquet and Apache Arrow, Parseable breaks down data silos within organizations, making log data accessible and interoperable. This openness facilitates integration with other tools and systems, creating a unified data ecosystem that enhances overall business intelligence.

Nitish Tiwari, founder of Parseable, highlighted the industry’s frustration with the cost and complexity of log analytics. He emphasized a foundational shift towards moving away from siloed data infrastructure, evident in the rise of open table formats like Iceberg and Delta Lake, and open application log formats like OpenTelemetry.

“We’re very excited to partner up with Parseable and support them in their journey to supercharge log analytics with their developer-first approach to observability,” said Micha “mies” Hernandez van Leuffen, co-founder and partner at NP-Hard Ventures.

As businesses continue to generate vast quantities of log data, innovative, efficient, and scalable log analytics solutions like Parseable are increasingly essential. With its cloud-based design, commitment to open formats, and focus on scalability and flexibility, Parseable offers a promising solution that meets the demands of the modern digital landscape, enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their log data.

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