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Indo-German Start-up Venture – K und S Solutions to Establish Office in Pune

Indo-German Start-up Venture - K und S Solutions to Establish Office in Pune


Indo-German Start-up Venture – K und S Solutions to Establish Office in Pune

The German entrepreneur Peter Stromberger and Sunil Kulkarni have come together to establish ‘K und S solutions’ (Kulkarni and Stromberger solutions).

The company has the vision to work in the Process Plant Engineering space and serve the needs of Chemical, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical sectors. The company will be based in Pune and intends to recruit 100 engineers in its first year of operations. Mr. Kulkarni & Stromberger were the Founder Directors of TRIPLAN India Pvt. Ltd. which they established as a 100% subsidiary of German company TTP in which they both were also a part of the global leadership team.

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The new company will offer full range of Engineering & Project Management services for the sectors mentioned. It intends to support clients right from the developmental stage in the lab to commercial production. This will allow them to work closely with clients in the early project phases to carry out feasibility studies and concept design and to provide the engineering and project management services for the following phases of a project till the plant is commissioned.

During an interview, the founders mentioned that the company will support European and global organizations to outsource their engineering activities to the company as a dedicated partner, so it can help them to relieve from the resource constraints in engineering and the cost pressure in Europe.

The company will not only provide services for complete project life cycle but further keep its engagement thought the plant lifecycle to optimize and upgrade the plant they have designed, including de-bottlenecking, improving product quality, repeatability, and also increase the production by optimizing batch cycle times. The founders further mentioned that they intend to leverage their extensive and decades of experience and knowledge to benefit the owners of the manufacturing plants.

K und S will take lead in implementing Industry 4.0 in Process industry i.e. Chemical, petrochemical & Pharmaceutical industries. In their view the term is vaguely used by the industries and at present it is being only used for dashboarding/MIS purpose. Its not really being used to the full-scale capabilities to make real improvements. K and S solutions stand out different because it focuses on its core domain expertise of process industry for implementing AI & ML techniques. Its right implementation can improve repeatability, reduce manufacturing time, cost reductions and improvement in yield & quality of products.

Apart from this, the company will be focused on implementing the entire Process Automation & Manufacturing IT systems (PA & MITS). Since it is currently being done by multiple agencies, it lacks synchronization, that leads to inefficiencies and underutilization of the large investment made in automation and IT. They have a vision to develop their own IP in terms of software platforms required in our industry.

Geographically the company will address the South East Asian market along with the Indian market. They aim to become a 200 people company in next two years and make it one of the top firms in this sector in India. The reason they have established their headquarters in Pune is the availability of talent and resources. Nevertheless, they will also establish offices in other parts of country subsequently. The company is looking at opportunities of acquisitions and collaborations with the existing players. There are already demands from some of its clients and they are hoping to grow in its field and accomplish their vision.

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