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Hubfly bets on the Intranet for Digital Workplace Collaboration

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Hubfly bets on the Intranet for Digital Workplace Collaboration

“Logging into my firm’s intranet after browsing external websites is like taking a detour onto a dirt track from a 4 lane express highway and getting stuck in the sludge”

“The first thing I do when I log in at work is to open either Facebook, Youtube or a News portal. Though the default homepage is that of my company’s intranet, I find it neither exciting nor work efficiently for me to execute my tasks”

Hearing statements like these from professionals working in some of India’s reputed MNCs made Coimbatore based Digital workplace enthusiast and SharePoint maverick – Suprej Venkat to venture into the space of Collaborative technology with Hubfly, a digital workplace enabling start-up.

Headquartered in San Francisco with an office in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu, India), Hubfly is a bootstrapped venture by Suprej along with  Microsoft exponent and tech entrepreneur Saravana Kumar. The start-up which came into existence in October 2016 operates in the collaborative technology space with an enthusiastic team of 25 professionals who are primed to deliver a great intranet experience.


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