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Food start-up Dazo offers hunger solutions based on consumers’ moods



Food start-up Dazo offers hunger solutions based on consumers’ moods

2015 is being hailed as the year of food start-ups and a few names have come up as the leading companies in this space. Dazo is one such start-up that has created its own unique brand value with a customization system based on a person’s mood.

Based in Bangalore, Dazo (formerly TapCibo) is backed by the heads of Amazon India and Google India. The start-up came up with the idea that a user’s mood greatly affects the kind of food they want to eat.  With this rationale, the Dazo app now offers three types of food to suit your mood.

DazoPulse has a selection of hassle-free food that’s simple and quick, which you can have any time of the day. DazoIndulge, as the name suggests, is for days when you want to spoil yourself with an elaborate meal rich in taste. And finally, there’s DazoDelights to assuage those sinful cravings once in a while.

Dazo co-founder Shashaank Shekhar Singhal, who earlier headed the mobile products team at bus ticketing portal Redbus, said that the data they’ve been tracking on the app supports the mood theory.

“ It shows that a customer has already made up her mind on what style of food she wants to eat. If she is in the mood for a DazoIndulge meal – she doesn’t even surf the Pulse food.” Said Singhal.

Dazo does have its share of competitors in the food tech space. FreshMenu, Spoonjoy, iTiffin and SnaxSmart are some of the food start-ups that serve healthy food. With the rise of busy urban life and expendable income, these start-ups are surely looking towards scalable businesses.

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