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Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling and Emerging as Strong Entrepreneurs

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Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling and Emerging as Strong Entrepreneurs

Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling and Emerging as Strong Entrepreneurs

Motivated to become all-rounder, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, we see women unleashing their true potential and arising as superheroes all around us. Having a similar though Ms. Samruddhi Vikrant Kulkarni launched her own digital agency Meliora Technologies back in 2018. Coming from a small village called Beed near Pune Maharashtra, Samruddhi was an ordinary girl having an extraordinary vision and ambition. Completing her B.E. in Computers, Samruddhi initially worked as a freelancer for some time. She also worked with several companies and organizations and added value through her knowledge and skill. But soon she realized the growing wave of Digital Marketing! To gain expertise she learnt and became skilled in Digital Marketing’ and started adding value to her clients through this technology.

Her company has grown leaps and bound and today she has 8-10 skilled team members who share the same vision and mission as Samruddhi. They have handled numerous clients across industries like Healthcare, Education & Financial Etc. In the last 3 years and they have great things to say about their services. Speaking on the occasion Ms. Samruddhi Vikrant Kulkarni, Founder Meliora Technologies, said It is always challenging for a woman to step out of the four walls and I am happy to see how women these days are coming from smaller towns with big dreams and creating big changes. I always believed in adding value to people’s life and help businesses. We are not here to just give our services and get paid but our motive is to grow with the clients we work with. By using new technology like Digital Marketing effectively, we are and we will keep creating a positive change and growth in our client’s business.

We are grateful to our clients for believing in us and our work, she added. Meliora Technologies have handled numerous clients over the last 3 years and their services include: Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Email Marketing Content Marketing and Lead Generation. The primary goal of the company is to help businesses and people grow their online presence through the effective use of digital marketing tools. With the same motive, Samruddhi and her team do what it loves to do and keep creating a difference in this challenging and dynamic business world.

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