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GetOut, an app for remote work in Cafe spaces launched

GetOut, an app that redefines creativity and remote work in Restaurant/ Cafe spaces, now launched in India

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GetOut, an app for remote work in Cafe spaces launched

Delhi-NCR based Gettzy Services Private Limited has announced the India launch of their flagship mobile app GetOut, a one-of-its-kind platform that has been introduced with the aim to redefine modern-day fine dining, working and socializing experiences, wherein its users will be able to discover exciting restaurants, cafes, eateries and outlets to work/dine/chit chat or for simply spending time with oneself. By focusing on not just the culinary aspect of the dine-out, the app will also prioritize space and ambience factors for the customers. Moreover, simultaneously, we also want to decode the problem of inconsistent footfall across India’s restaurants and cafes.

GetOut’s USP lies in its ‘larger-than-life’ appeal, given it allows the users a chance to rekindle their creativity and maximize productivity during their remote working weekdays. The app has been designed to solve the pressing need in today’s day and age to create, mingle and work from anywhere, anytime, any day—be it weekends or weekdays. It empowers and enables individuals to step out, to not just work but mingle, discuss, meet, or even just to enjoy a book all by oneself, all while availing the best discounts and deals at their favourite nearby outlets.

Besides helping people in finding a creative GetOut corner for themselves at their favourite café or restaurant, with this app one can do a lot more – whether it is booking a table or looking for Wi-Fi hotspot in the area, this feature-rich app has it all. It also has a novel functionality of enabling users to directly order from the app and deliver food to their table. To avail the best in-app discounts, the users can pay bills on the app itself– providing a seamless experience to the customers, starting from the thought of getting out to finally having an amazing day out!

Commenting on the app launch, Sanjay Singha, Founder, GetOut said, “During the pandemic, we’ve all sat in our houses for far too long. And while productivity is key to life and work still has not gone anywhere, what we can do now is spice up our idea of work and creativity. At GetOut, our foundations are set in altering the perception of space, creativity and redefining work in a post pandemic era. Nowadays, as people are actively looking for their favourite place outside of their homes to work, chat with friends and have a good time, this app offers the ultimate solution. On the other hand, restaurants are keen to utilize unused spaces on weekdays or non-dining hours. It will serve as the one-stop win-win solution to both the stakeholders, altering the mindset of both the customers and the restaurant owners while also creating a favourable situation for both. Through our app, customers can meet and greet, socialise, chill out with friends, and do remote work from anywhere with an innovative twist of conveniently choosing the best place, space, ambience and food.”

Co-founded in May 2022 by Sanjay Singha, Prateek Jatain and Neha Singh, GetOut will initially cater to users in Delhi and Gurugram, while planning to soon expand its operations in metropolises like Mumbai and Bengaluru, among others. The app’s revenue shall be generated from subscriptions, vendor listing (of restaurants, cafes etc.), order-in/bill payments done by users, vendor ads and reservation of tables.

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