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Three must-have apps for Muslims observing Ramadan

Three must-have apps for Muslims observing Ramadan


Three must-have apps for Muslims observing Ramadan

For Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a tough yet religiously-satisfying month. Staying away from food and water before sunset can get quite difficult but technology has come up with helpful solutions for Muslims keeping a check on prayer time, habits and diet. Seizing a ripe market opportunity at this time, numerous app makers have created apps on various app stores.

Check out three must-have Ramadan apps :

Al Quran
Muslims believe that the holy book was revealed to Prophet Muhammad during the month of Ramadan. And that’s why, many Muslims practice reading the Quran this month. Carrying the book around may get tedious for some and this is where Al Quran comes handy. The app lets you read the entire text and also provides translations and commentary in various languages.

Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro takes the title of the most popular Ramadan app in Britain. It offers the most accurate prayer time on mobile devices and also tells you when to pray, fast as well as offer directions to nearby halal restaurants when they break the fast.

SleepBot comes in handy when the days are long and nights are short. By analyzing data from the sensors in your phone, it tracks your movement and the noise you make at night to provide a result if you are getting quality sleep or not. It also allows users to set smart alarms for a time when you’ll wake up feeling fresh-faced and naturally rested.

For all Muslims out there, use these nifty apps to ease out the month of Ramadan. This is yet another showcase of how technology has graced its presence in our lives to make them better, even on a religious context.

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