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A Start-up’s 2 Minute Pitch to an investor on Moto Z with the Moto Mods Insta Share Projector


A Start-up’s 2 Minute Pitch to an investor on Moto Z with the Moto Mods Insta Share Projector

The Motorola I knew is back or seem to be coming back to life. I am not an insider and neither I know any insiders so no sources based story here. But to what one can see from the outside the brand run by Lenovo is running somewhat independent. How a Rover and Jaguar runs under TATA.

Motorola in my view can give a run for the money to Apple if you are an OS agnostic and price sensitive person

The latest offering from Motorola Moto Z is exciting. Not the phone actually which in my view can be contested and is similar to a lot of phones out there on the market, barring the sleekness. But what is exciting are the Moto Mods. I am not sure of their performance as I am yet to try them but the very concept opens up a range of ideas, and third-party Mod accessories that I am sure will now hit the market.

Motorola has also released a developer’s kit so who knows we get an induction Mod to cook our 2 Minute Maggie noodles on the go using the MOTO Prestige Induction Mod.

Samsung has a lot to worry as this could be Motorola’s ‘Holidays’ Cashing time. Motorola has an opportunity to eat Samsung’s lunch the way Micromax & Samsung ate Nokia’s in the years 2009-2014.

The mod that caught my attention is the projector function. Something one craves for in the iPhone. There were rumours about the projection feature in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus, but that never happened.

Casting and Projecting are two different fundamental concepts. So I don’t want to get on the Apple TV, Chromecast, media streamer debate.

People can invest much lesser in quality portable speakers so not sure about the JBL SoundBoost Speaker Mod at RS. 6,999/- will excite or even the Hasselblad True Zoom Camera Mobile Mod for RS. 19,999/- where you can buy an entry level DSLR camera at those costs.

But the projector mod can make a serious dent. Both professionals and general owners. Then again the Moto Insta Share Projector Mobile Mod  is priced at a whopping premium of 19,999/-

Imagine walking into a meeting, and instead of carrying a laptop and struggling with the projector cables, you have a powerful full-function phone that projects at 480p. The 2 Minute Pitch to an investor by a startup seeking funds gets wrapped in time and is glazed with ‘Technology used for Productivity. Could be a bit of a show off too! But then great tech ideas start with showing off and then become the trend.

What is strange is that Motorola had extensive branding and advertisements in all leading dailies, but the projector mod and others were simply not available anywhere. So why to make noise when the products are not there on the shelf?

But I am admittedly excited and would say go for it. Moto Z is revolutionary, future ready and sexy! And the concept has just unleashed unlimited possibilities.

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