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Internshala Renews Partnership with AICTE to Boost Nationwide Internship Opportunities and Skill Development

Internshala Renews MoU with AICTE to Offer Internship Opportunities and Foster Skill Development Nationwide


Internshala Renews Partnership with AICTE to Boost Nationwide Internship Opportunities and Skill Development

Internshala, a leading career-tech platform, has renewed its strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to enhance internship opportunities and foster skill development for students across India. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world experience, preparing students for the competitive job market.

The renewed MoU between Internshala and AICTE will facilitate the placement of students in internships that align with their academic pursuits and career aspirations. By leveraging Internshala’s extensive network of industry partners and expertise in internship management, AICTE seeks to enhance the practical learning experiences of students and equip them with the necessary skills for professional success.

Strengthening the Industry-Academia Bridge

AICTE Chairman, Prof. T. G. Sitharam, highlighted the importance of this collaboration, stating, “AICTE’s partnership with Internshala is a significant stride in closing the gap between academic learning and the real world. This ensures that Indian youth gain practical experience crucial for their professional growth. Leveraging our collective expertise and expansive reach, our goal is to enhance employability for millions of students nationwide, cultivating a workforce equipped to tackle the evolving industry demands of today.”

Sarvesh Agrawal, CEO and Founder of Internshala, shared his enthusiasm for the renewed partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to have renewed our partnership with AICTE to empower students with valuable internships and skilling opportunities. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to bridge the industry-academia gap and get 45 million-plus college students of India career-ready by providing practical learning experiences.”

Expanding Opportunities and Enhancing Skills

Dr. Buddha Chandrasekhar, Chief Coordinating Officer of AICTE, noted the significant progress and future goals of the partnership, “The AICTE internship portal has 48 lakh-plus internships posted for students with a target of 1 crore internships by 2025. We are happy to collaborate with Internshala, which publishes over 10,000 internships daily. This will help our students connect with various industries and gain real-time experience.”

The collaboration between Internshala and AICTE will provide students access to a wide range of online training programs, workshops, and internships across various industries, including technology, management, finance, and more. These initiatives are designed to address the evolving needs of the job market and equip students with relevant skills. Internshala will actively encourage students to explore and engage with these opportunities in their fields of interest.

Impact and Future Goals

The partnership aims to bridge the industry-academia gap by offering students real-world experiences and enhancing their professional skills. With the collective efforts of Internshala and AICTE, millions of students will benefit from increased employability and the ability to meet the demands of the modern workforce.

Since its inception, Internshala has been committed to empowering students through practical learning experiences. The renewed partnership with AICTE strengthens this mission, providing a structured pathway for students to gain industry insights, develop professional skills, and enhance their employability.

As the partnership progresses, both Internshala and AICTE plan to introduce more initiatives to support student development. These include targeted workshops, industry-specific training programs, and additional internship opportunities to meet the diverse needs of students across India.

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