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Internshala Hosts Career and Higher Education Fest in Bengaluru: A Gateway to Career and Academic Excellence

Internshala Hosts Career and Higher Education Fest in Bengaluru


Internshala Hosts Career and Higher Education Fest in Bengaluru: A Gateway to Career and Academic Excellence

Internshala, a leading career-tech platform, in collaboration with iSchool Connect, hosted a highly successful Career and Higher Education Fest at M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bengaluru. The event attracted over 1500 students from the city, eager to explore career advancements and overseas education opportunities.

A Comprehensive Platform for Career and Academic Growth

The fest offered a multifaceted platform for students to delve into various career pathways and international academic pursuits. The event featured a rich array of activities and sessions designed to provide attendees with valuable insights and networking opportunities. Students had the chance to interact with representatives from prominent companies and esteemed universities, enhancing their understanding of potential career and educational trajectories.

Industry Engagement and Networking

Prominent companies participated in the fair, showcasing their dedication to talent acquisition and career development. Interactive booths and engaging conversations allowed students to connect with industry representatives, opening doors to potential internships and job placements. This direct interaction facilitated a deeper understanding of industry expectations and opportunities, empowering students to make informed career decisions.

Inspirational Keynote and Informative Sessions

Dr. Jeevitha R, Head of Placements & Corporate Relations at M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management, delivered an inspiring keynote speech, motivating students to pursue their career goals with determination and strategic planning. Her insights on career development and the importance of proactive engagement resonated with the audience, setting a positive tone for the day.

One of the event’s highlights was a comprehensive session on the GMAT exam conducted by Debaion Roy, Associate Director at GMAC. The session equipped students with essential tools and strategies to excel in this crucial step towards higher education. Attendees received actionable insights, enhancing their preparation for the GMAT and clarifying their pathways to international academic programs.

Engagement with International Universities

The fest also provided students with opportunities to interact with representatives from esteemed universities worldwide, including Atlantis, Bentley, Rowan, Liberty, Clarkson, Stony Brook, DeVry, and Ottawa University. These interactions presented a diverse range of academic programs and scholarship opportunities, allowing students to explore tailored options for their higher education aspirations. The direct engagement with university representatives helped students gain a deeper understanding of international education pathways and the resources available to them.

Support Services for Study Abroad Aspirants

Dedicated booths offered comprehensive support services to facilitate students’ study abroad journeys. From guidance on visa application processes to personalized academic success strategies, students were equipped with the necessary resources to navigate their international academic endeavors effectively. These support services played a crucial role in helping students plan their study abroad experiences with confidence and clarity.

Internshala’s Vision for Career and Academic Empowerment

Shadab Alam, Head of Higher Education & Study Abroad at Internshala, emphasized the platform’s commitment to solving career-associated problems for Indian students. He stated, “Internshala was founded with the aim to create a full-stack career platform, which solves all career-associated problems for Indian students. And in our quest to become a career super app for Indian youth, we have already solved the problems of internships, jobs, and skilling, and continue to improve these services. Our recent expansion in study abroad and higher education are the next obvious steps for us with the rapidly growing demand among Indian students and a considerable overlap among Internshala’s student user base with the study abroad aspirant pool.”

Alam further elaborated on the significance of the Career and Higher Education Fest, saying, “As an extension to this, we organized the Career and Higher Ed Fest to provide students with the best opportunities for both career and academic growth. We are thrilled with the tremendous response and the active participation from students and institutions alike. The fest served as a dynamic platform for students to explore and pursue their career and academic aspirations. The diverse range of activities, insightful presentations, and networking opportunities contributed to its success in empowering students to shape their careers.”

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