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Sonakshi and Srishti Bring SOEZI to Pune, Their First-Ever Retail Presence

SOEZI Launches First Retail Presence in Pune


Sonakshi and Srishti Bring SOEZI to Pune, Their First-Ever Retail Presence

SOEZI, the innovative beauty brand known for its premium press-on nails, made its offline debut in Pune with a captivating launch event. The event showcased SOEZI’s range of nail tips, featuring a variety of colors and designs, expertly applied by professional nail artists. Attendees were treated to live demonstrations, interactive experiences, and engaging displays, creating a vibrant ambiance that set the stage for SOEZI’s offline retail journey.

“We are thrilled to bring SOEZI to Pune and launch our first-ever retail presence. With our consistent online growth, we are excited to explore new avenues and provide access to our products to a fresh audience,” said Sonakshi and Srishti, the founders of SOEZI. The launch event also featured a fun trivia challenge and delightful booths where guests could take selfies against SOEZI’s signature hot pink backdrops.


SOEZI’s kiosk in Pune marks the beginning of their aggressive market penetration strategy, with plans to replicate such kiosks PAN India. The brand aims to introduce exclusive collections curated for offline retail, along with virtual try-ons and innovative collaborations in the future.

Customers can expect to find a wide range of nail tips at SOEZI’s kiosk, including a set of 24 universally sized tips to fit all nail beds seamlessly. The EZI DIY application and removal process ensures that customers can enjoy beautiful nails effortlessly, saving both time and money. SOEZI’s products leave a lasting impression of convenience, simplicity, and style, making them a go-to choice for nail enthusiasts.

With the launch of its first-ever retail presence in Pune, SOEZI is set to revolutionize the beauty industry with its innovative products and commitment to customer satisfaction. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from SOEZI as they continue to expand their footprint and offer new and exciting products to their customers.

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