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Innerchef starts automatic ordering service

Innerchef starts automatic ordering service


Innerchef starts automatic ordering service

In a move to keep it one step ahead of other food start-ups, Delhi-based Innerchef is introducing an automatic ordering device for its food deliveries. This device can be attached to a fridge or a workstation and when a smartphone is tapped against it, the user is directly sent to the website or the app and gets suggestions for food based on previous deliveries.

“We are India’s first big data IoT (internet of things) food startup,” said cofounder Rajesh Sawhney. “With technology, we will be able to create a personalised offer at the point of hunger.”

After technology, food is the new opportunity for the start-ups in India. A number of start-ups like Nutritown, iTiffin, Swiggy, Grofers, Innerchef and Box8 have sprung up in the last couple of years.

Innerchef loosely borrows the concept of Amazon Dash, a small plastic button that lets consumers to order household items with the press of a button. While Amazon Dash works with Wi-Fi connectivity, Innerchef uses nearfield technology that transfers small amounts of data between two devices in close distance.

In the first phase, the automatic ordering service will be sent to the 1000 customers.

“It’s not just about retention of customers, it is also about engagement,” said Sawhney.
Innerchef offers pre-cooked, cut food with all required ingredients along with the recipe. Last month, the company also started a bento box of sorts with continental offering for working folk.

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