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4 social networking apps to connect with like-minded people

4 Social Networking Apps to Connect with Like-Minded People


4 social networking apps to connect with like-minded people

The world is turning into a social hub and while we thought tweets, posts, updates, and selfies would rule the roost; a new kind of social connectivity is changing the way we interact and engage on social media. Over the past few years, the number of social networking sites and interest in social networking platforms have increased.

In the pandemic, social media outgrew its role as an extension of people’s lives to being a primary mode of communication. Networking has become an important catchphrase. Social networks now are moving from people connectivity to interest and group connectivity.
Here are 4 apps that can be a great place to connect with like-minded people who match your wavelength:

A social media app to discuss and learn stock market investments

1. StockGro: StockGro is an app that is making investments social by allowing users to learn and discuss the essentials of investing in stocks, like when to sell or buy shares, but without spending real money through fantasy gaming. Users can build a connected community by inviting friends or interacting with other users on a chat forum and get investment advice from experts. The app is great for hands-on learners, it offers 10 Lakh virtual money to users to trade fantasy stocks based on real-time market developments.

An app to connect and meet people with similar interests

2. Leher: A drop-in live audio-video discussion social network app is a platform where people with similar interests can come together to discuss ideas, learn, network, and build relationships. Leher was built on the insight that there was a lack of options for socializing online and having a meaningful conversation around your interests. A platform where everyone has an opportunity to voice their views and experiences to create a new social network.

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An app to connect and share music

3. Humit: Music sharing on mobile is broken — sharing a URL through Facebook/ Messenger/ Instagram Stories/ WhatsApp means cutting through the clutter, jumping between apps, and there’s often no feedback on whether someone listened to/ liked the song or not. Humit is a social media platform for bite-sized music sharing and discovery. The app provides an audio-focused social media experience for Spotify users, Apple Music & YouTube Music listeners to share 30s audio snippets of powerful moments from their favourite songs, which refer to as “hums”. These hums can be sampled by followers in an endless feed showcasing fresh and new music. The idea is to build a community of music fans and artists, enabling meaningful interactions.

An app to connect over innovative food recipe

4. Foodism: Foodism is a recipe sharing platform where members can come together to share their love of food and knowledge. It is also a one-stop shop for foodies and professionals, as well as the only platform that rewards content creators (recipes, lifestyle, health, wellness, blogs-both video and posts).

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