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Two tech-savvy brothers, youngest app developers in India

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Two tech-savvy brothers, youngest app developers in India

Brothers, Shravan Kumaran (15-year-old) and his younger sibling Sanjay Kumaran (14-year-old) prove that age is not a bar to follow your passion. The two identified as the youngest App developers and co-founders of a company in India.

The two brothers have been running a successful company called GoDimensions since 2012. Shravan is the co-founder and President of the business while his brother Sanjay is the founder and CEO. The two brothers always knew that they didn’t want to work for anyone else, but themselves and always wanted to follow their passion. With encouragement and support from their parents, they started by reading many books on coding and developed their first app.

Today, the brothers have developed seven applications available on Apple’s App Store. Three apps for Google’s Android Play store and they also launched their first app in the New Windows Mobile store recently.

As the boys continue to learn and grow their “dad-funded” (in their words) company, they have become an inspiration to millions of youngsters who want to follow their dream and become entrepreneurs

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1 Comment

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