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Fashion Entrepreneurship Over Entrepreneurship as Fashion (Jabong)

Fashion Entrepreneurship Over Entrepreneurship as Fashion

Startup & Entrepreneurship

Fashion Entrepreneurship Over Entrepreneurship as Fashion (Jabong)


Today, eCommerce is considered to be the biggest player in the start-up and entrepreneur industry in India. However, this was not achieved overnight and is credited to some of the biggest names in the industry who changed the way the common man percieves shopping. Jabong is one such name that acted as a pillar for e-commerce to grow and went on to become one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce companies in India, catering to the fashion domain.

It today offers its customers a wide range of more than 100,000 fashion products from over 1000 brands. is one of the most trafficked eCommerce site in India (Source: ‘Com-Score report of Dec 2012, Jan & Feb, 2013’ and ‘Google’s Top 10 searches report, 2012’.)

The founders of, Praveen Sinha, Arun Chandra Mohan, Mukul Bafana and Manu Kumar Jain, share the same passion for eCommerce and Fashion.

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