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Entrepreneurship & Comics Aren’t about Comedy! (Comic Con India)

My Big Plunge - Comic Con India


Entrepreneurship & Comics Aren’t about Comedy! (Comic Con India)

Comics is not about Comedy. Comics are a reflection of what you can be or cant be.

India, the land of ChaCha Chaudhary and Sabu has too many forgotten heroes & villains from the world of comics. The west carried the characters they loved forward with theme parks and high budget animated movies and even actors in flesh living the life of those legendary comic characters on screen. India somewhere allowed dust to settle on its shelf of comics.

Understanding the reality of creativity – Financially speaking the event has been growing YoY with revenues from sales touching almost INR 2Cr (20Million) in Feb 2014 with a footfall of over 40,000 spread over 3 days. In the last few years Comic Con India has been gaining popularity with more and more people joining the movement.

My Big Plunge is a video series featuring individuals with the heart and might to take the big plunge and start their own ventures. This series is a celebration of their stories that have shaped their venture and could help others embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.

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