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Struggling to Monetise your Mobile APP? Tier 2 and 3 cities hold the key


Struggling to Monetise your Mobile APP? Tier 2 and 3 cities hold the key

Monetising an app could be difficult for an entrepreneur. And it would be a mammoth task if one is trying to do that in India, where users are known to be frugal minded.

However, it might come as a bit of a surprise that the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India, which are much newer to the Internet connectivity and have relatively small smartphone users than the tier-1 cities, would monetise more than the metro cities, said Ronen Mense, VP Asia, AppsFlyer.

While attending the Global Mobile App Summit and Awards 2016 at Bangalore, Mense opened up to My Big Plunge about mobile user behavior, where he stated that limited access to options would lead tier 2 and 3 city users to avail in-app purchases more than the tier-1 mobile users.

“If India is anything like China, where the tier 3 cities monetize much more than Tier 1 cities as they don’t have much access to retail outlets. We could see a similar scenario here,” said Mense.

Mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform AppsFlyer has Tie-up with big names like Paytm and BigBasket.

“Asian spends around 40% more on in-app purchases than rest of the world. But India falls much behind in that spending list. It is also observed that the IOS or Apple users monetize five times more than Android users.”

In a recent report concerning the state of In-App spending released by AppsFlyer, it was revealed that the global average user spends $0.50 per month, per app with purchase activity. Regarding specific regions, the report showed Asian users account for the highest average spending, at $0.70 per month, per app. North American users came in second for average spending, at $0.61 per month, per app.

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