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Nexzu Mobility Unveils Four New Electric Cycle Variants and Announces Price Cuts

Nexzu Mobility Rolls Out Four New Electric Cycles

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Nexzu Mobility Unveils Four New Electric Cycle Variants and Announces Price Cuts

Nexzu Mobility, a leading urban transportation solution provider, has launched four new variants under its popular Bazinga and Roadlark range of electric cycles. The company has also announced a price cut on its existing products, making them more affordable and accessible to a wider range of consumers. The new variants offer swappable batteries with different capacities, ranging from 5.2 Ah to 14.5 Ah, catering to various needs and preferences.

The Roadlark and Bazinga range of EV-cycles now come with the option to choose from three different battery packs, offering ranges of 30 km, 45 km, and 100 km respectively. This flexibility allows consumers to select an electric cycle based on their requirements and optimize their purchase cost. The swappable batteries also provide added convenience for charging, especially for those residing in high-rise buildings.

Mr. Chintamani Sardesai, Business Head of Nexzu Mobility, highlighted the significance of these new offerings, stating, “With the introduction of swappable batteries at an attractive price point, EV cycles are the most lucrative offering in the EV 2W industry currently. The lowest one-time acquisition cost, along with the option to pedal, makes EV cycles the ideal choice for short-distance commutes for personal and commercial use. With our new product introduction, consumers can now choose a cycle and variant based on their needs, thereby increasing the adaptation of EV cycles.”

The revised price list for the new variants is as follows:

  • Rompus Plus (5.2 Ah): INR 29,900
  • Bazinga (5.2 Ah): INR 32,950
  • Bazinga (8.7 Ah): INR 35,950
  • Bazinga (14.5 Ah): INR 39,950
  • Roadlark (5.2 Ah): INR 32,950
  • Roadlark (8.7 Ah): INR 35,950
  • Roadlark (14.5 Ah): INR 39,950

The Bazinga range is designed to meet the demands of modern consumers, offering head-turning aesthetics and other features. Roadlark, on the other hand, is targeted towards urban male consumers for athleisure activities. The Rompus Plus is an entry-level product designed to offer a hassle-free daily commute. Both Roadlark and Bazinga are available with a cargo option at an additional cost of INR 1750, catering to quick commerce companies and gig economy workers, thus reducing operational costs.

Nexzu EV-cycles are designed and developed with Indian consumers’ needs in mind, rethinking cycling and expanding the boundaries of sustainable transportation. All Nexzu products are made in India for both domestic and global consumers.

With these new offerings, Nexzu Mobility aims to further strengthen its position in the electric mobility market and encourage more people to adopt eco-friendly transportation solutions.

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