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D’Décor Launches ‘Sansaar’: A New Era of Conscious Living in Home Décor

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D’Décor Launches ‘Sansaar’: A New Era of Conscious Living in Home Décor

D’Décor, renowned as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of soft furnishing fabrics, has unveiled ‘Sansaar,’ a brand dedicated to conscious living and mindfully crafted home décor fabrics. This launch marks a significant step towards promoting sustainability, minimalism, and elegance in home decoration. To elevate the brand, D’Décor has signed superstar Ranveer Singh as the brand ambassador for ‘Sansaar.’

‘Sansaar’ redefines the landscape of home décor with a collection that embodies elegance and sustainability. Each product reflects a commitment to style and sustainability, offering consumers a lifestyle choice that reflects care, consideration, and connection.

Sanjana Arora, Business Head of Sansaar by D’Décor, expressed excitement about the brand’s innovative approach, stating, “We are honoured to embark on this journey of ‘Sansaar’ with superstar Ranveer Singh joining the D’Decor family. Fabrics under ‘Sansaar’ have been meticulously curated to embody the perfect balance of premium quality, minimalist design, and craftsmanship.”

Ranveer Singh, the face of Sansaar, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “I’m thrilled to be part of the D’Decor family. Sansaar offers an exquisite collection, providing top-quality home furnishings that truly elevate any space.”

Sanjay Arora, Managing Director at D’Décor, highlighted the strategic importance of Sansaar in the company’s trajectory, stating, “Launching Sansaar fills us with immense pride as we introduce a brand that not only epitomizes elegance and creativity but also marks a strategic move in our business trajectory. Having Ranveer Singh as our brand ambassador further solidifies our communication on simple yet elegant living.”

Sarah Arora, Creative Director of Sansaar, emphasized the brand’s commitment to creating spaces that inspire and uplift, stating, “With Superstar Ranveer Singh as the face of Sansaar, we aim to create spaces that inspire, uplift, and reflect the essence of elegant living.”

Sansaar believes that a home is a culmination of meaningful choices, where colors evoke memories, and each selection personifies love and comfort. The product portfolio of Sansaar includes curtains and upholstery.

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