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ESS Global Expands Its Footprint in Jammu, Strengthening Education and Immigration Consultancy Services

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ESS Global Expands Its Footprint in Jammu, Strengthening Education and Immigration Consultancy Services

ESS Global, a renowned name in education and immigration consultancy, achieved a significant milestone with the inauguration of its latest office in Jammu. The inauguration ceremony, held in the heart of Jammu, was honored by the presence of former BJP Minister Shyam Chaudhary as the Chief Guest.

The expansion into Jammu signifies ESS Global’s commitment to growth and its dedication to serving clients in the region with unparalleled expertise.

Rohit Sethi, Director of ESS Global, expressed his enthusiasm about the expansion, stating, “We are thrilled to bring our expertise in Study Abroad and Resettlement consultancy to Jammu and play a pivotal role in helping students and individuals achieve their academic and settlement aspirations.”

He emphasized their commitment to excellence, highlighting the personalized guidance and support provided to aspiring students and skilled individuals seeking Permanent Residency. The experienced staff at ESS Global offers comprehensive assistance, from selecting the right program and university to visa processing, pre-departure preparations, and post-departure support.

When asked about his message to the younger generation, the director stressed the importance of education in today’s world. He stated that in today’s competitive landscape, focusing on studies is essential, whether one chooses to study domestically or abroad. Selecting a university and country wisely, according to him, is crucial for success in life.

ESS Global has been at the forefront of revolutionizing overseas education since its establishment in 2013. With a widespread presence across various regions of the country, their 15 branches across India and three branches overseas—Australia, Canada, and Dubai—stand as testaments to their commitment to excellence.

The inauguration of the new office in Jammu marks a significant step in ESS Global’s journey, further solidifying its position as a leader in education and immigration consultancy. With its expansion into Jammu, ESS Global aims to cater to the growing demand for quality consultancy services in the region and continue its legacy of excellence in assisting students and individuals in achieving their academic and settlement goals.

For more information about ESS Global and its services, visit their official website or contact them at their new office in Jammu.

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