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Honda Inaugurates New R&D Facility in Bengaluru to Accelerate Electrification in India

Honda R&D Facility Inauguration


Honda Inaugurates New R&D Facility in Bengaluru to Accelerate Electrification in India

Honda R&D (India) Private Limited (HRID), a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and the company’s research and development arm for motorcycles & power products in India, has inaugurated its new Solution R&D Center in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Honda has set a global target of achieving carbon neutrality in all its products and corporate activities by 2050. In the motorcycle business, the company aims to achieve carbon neutrality for all its motorcycle products during the 2040s. The opening of the new R&D facility in Bengaluru is a strategic move in line with Honda’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

In 2021, the Indian government announced at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) its commitment to work towards achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2070. Honda recognizes the importance of responding to environmental changes and believes that to remain competitive, it must not only adapt to electrification trends but also create new value and provide more attractive products and services.

The Solution R&D Center in Bengaluru will play a crucial role in incorporating advanced mobility technologies into electrified vehicle development more rapidly. The center will focus on software and connected services through ‘co-creating’ open innovation, by adopting technologies and ideas from research and development companies. Additionally, leveraging the local ‘ecosystem,’ the center will partner with companies to develop new services and businesses that transcend existing boundaries, contributing to long-term growth.

Honda is committed to addressing social issues through its Triple Action to ZERO initiative, which focuses on achieving zero environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of products and corporate activities by 2050. The company will also work towards preventing traffic accidents to realize a society with zero traffic collision fatalities by improving safety features in its vehicles.

Through various technological advancements and innovations, Honda aims to continue providing products with new added value that is uniquely Honda, bringing ‘the joy of freedom of mobility’ to its customers. The inauguration of the Solution R&D Center in Bengaluru marks a significant step forward in Honda’s journey towards electrification and sustainable mobility in India.

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