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Tilda India and LS Digital Collaborate to Celebrate Holi Through Flavorful Moments

Tilda India and LS Digital Collaborated to Celebrate Holi by Creating Flavorful Moments


Tilda India and LS Digital Collaborate to Celebrate Holi Through Flavorful Moments

LS Digital, a leading independent digital marketing transformation (DMT) company, joined hands with Tilda India for the Tilda Basmati Rice Holi Campaign, showcasing the power of food to connect people from diverse backgrounds. The campaign, in the form of a short film, beautifully captures the essence of Holi celebrations, emphasizing the role of food in fostering unity and joy.

The heartwarming film portrays two families celebrating Holi in contrasting ways, yet bound by a common love for food, especially Tilda Basmati Rice dishes. It highlights the idea that food goes beyond mere sustenance; it is a means to create bonds and share moments of togetherness.

Puneet Kapoor, Head of Marketing at Ebro India, expressed excitement about the campaign, stating, “As a brand deeply rooted in celebrating diversity, Tilda Basmati Rice takes immense pride in commemorating the vibrant cultural event of Holi.”

The film follows a young child who discovers the magic of Holi after relocating from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with his family. It beautifully contrasts the grandeur of Holi celebrations in Ahmedabad with the subtlety and elegance of the festival in Mumbai. Through the child’s innocent perspective, viewers witness how Holi bridges the gap between diverse interpretations of the festival, emphasizing unity in diversity.

Graham Carter, Managing Director at Ebro India, highlighted Tilda’s commitment to unity and togetherness, stating, “Regardless of cultural differences, food unites people, strengthens friendships, and symbolizes the spirit of celebration.”

Manesh Swamy, CCO & SVP, Creative, Social & Design at LS Digital, explained the concept behind the campaign, stating, “The hero in all these content pieces was the delicious dishes made with Tilda rice, which helps break a cultural barrier.”

The film is part of LS Digital’s Secret Ingredient Series, aiming to celebrate key festivals of India and showcase how food brings everyone together. Through this campaign, Tilda India and LS Digital hope to inspire people to embrace diversity, cherish traditions, and share the joy of eating with one another.

With over 10 million views and an engagement rate of 6.5% across digital platforms, the film has resonated with audiences, spreading the message of unity and cultural harmony.

As Holi approaches, let us celebrate with open hearts, minds, and admiration for the diverse cultures that enrich our world. Watch the film on YouTube or Instagram to experience the joy of Holi through the lens of Tilda Basmati Rice and LS Digital.

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