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LS Digital Launches DigiVerse 2.0 to Transform Digital Marketing Operations

LS Digital Launches DigiVerse 2.0 as part of their Digital Services Offering


LS Digital Launches DigiVerse 2.0 to Transform Digital Marketing Operations

LS Digital, a player in digital business transformation, launched DigiVerse 2.0, an Operations Management Platform aimed at streamlining digital marketing operations and preparing brands for an AI-driven future. This platform is designed to address critical gaps in digital business transformation, enabling companies to gain 20% to 30% revenue by enhancing efficiency.

DigiVerse 2.0 has the potential to revolutionise the industry by providing brands with greater control, visibility, and collaboration, ultimately enhancing productivity and decision-making capabilities. Its standout feature is the ability to make brands AI-ready through structured data management.

Key Features of DigiVerse 2.0:

Streamlined Operations: Reduces coordination time for multi-product, multi-agency, multi-campaign, and multi-channel brands.

Faster Reporting: Accelerates the reporting process, providing timely and accurate data for swift decision-making.

Reduced Manual Processes: Minimizes reliance on manual tasks, improving data accuracy and reliability.

Enhanced Visibility and Control: Offers comprehensive views of campaign progress, budget status, and workflow.

Facilitated Collaboration: Supports end-to-end digital operations, including media plans, change tracking, approvals, and agency payment monitoring.

Advanced Analytics Integration: Creates a Marketing Data Lake for AI and ML applications, driving deeper insights and optimization.

Vinay Tamboli, CEO of Data & Insights at LS Digital, highlighted the platform’s impact: “DigiVerse 2.0 is designed to unlock significant productivity gains, enhance decision-making ability, and prepare organizations for an AI-driven future. It addresses the neglected operations aspect of digital business, which can result in substantial revenue loss.”

LS Digital is a digital business transformation company integrating expertise from LS Digital, Langoor, f1studioz, and Social Panga. The company offers comprehensive services, including business consulting, activation, transformation, media, creative and communication, data and insights, technology and innovation, UI/UX, and CX/EX, to ensure exceptional brand experiences in a digital-first world. DigiVerse 2.0 could redefine how digital marketing operations are managed, providing a holistic solution that empowers brands to excel in the digital era.

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