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Lemme Be expands its retail footprint across offline trade stores

Lemme Be expands its retail footprint across offline trade stores


Lemme Be expands its retail footprint across offline trade stores

Lemme Be, a digital-first and inclusive period care brand, expands its retail presence in the Modern Trade stores pan-India. Building further on the brand’s core mission of making period care products accessible to everyone, the new-age period care brand has scaled its footprint to 1000+ stores across the country.

Starting as a direct-to-consumer brand in 2020, the brand has swiftly ventured into offline trade in 2022.  The brand steadfastly had phenomenal retail growth since its inception and diversified its overall product range to nearly 18+ SKU’s. Lemme Be is now available in key urban & rural areas of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh, Odisha and Maharashtra as well as internationally across Dubai and Australia.

The brand has successfully covered 90% of modern trade stores in Telangana state and is now present in more than 300 retail outlets in Hyderabad such as Vijeytha, Sampoorna, Q-Mart, Balaji Grand Bazar, Cesta Mart.

“Lemme Be was born with a core ethos of making safe & sustainable period care options available to all menstruators, hence retail play has been extremely crucial in achieving this. We are so happy and proud of the team to accomplish so much in such a short period of time.  Our retail presence in Hyderabad especially has been significant in our expansion across India as we received tremendous response, support and love, which drove us to further venture into physical stores,” said Devidutta Dash, Founder & CEO of Lemme Be.

South is a key market for the brand and it houses the highest number of retail touch-points from all four zones pan-India. Additionally, the brand has also built on its presence internationally with 60+ stores with a 50% month-on-month growth in Dubai and Australia across the country. Understanding that offline retail is essential to be accessible to its consumers, the brand plans to further expand over the rest of UAE’s offline market by the next year.

Lemme Be, a GenZ and inclusive period care brand founded in Nov 2020 by Ms. Devidutta Dash and Mr. Vinod Abrol, focuses on bringing uniquely designed period care products and educational content to support young menstruators period journey. The digital-first brand has curated a special range of products exclusively for teens and young adults which prioritizes care & comfort that is trendy, affordable & sustainable. Along with its expansion in India, the brand is seeing growth in Dubai and Australian markets. It’s also backed by the trust of marquee investors.

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