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PedalStart Fuels Innovation with Series-2 Internal Company Fund Launch of $250K for Early-Stage Startups

PedalStart Series-2 Internal Company Fund

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PedalStart Fuels Innovation with Series-2 Internal Company Fund Launch of $250K for Early-Stage Startups

PedalStart, a renowned startup accelerator, has announced the launch of its Series-2 fund, securing a substantial $250,000 to bolster early-stage startups. Building on the success of its inaugural internal company fund launch of $250K, which supported 5-7 founders, PedalStart is gearing up to catalyze further innovation and entrepreneurship within the startup community.

The primary goal of this fund is to allocate capital to 5-7 promising early-stage startups that have demonstrated significant progress and execution over the preceding three to six months. These startups will be selected through a rigorous process that PedalStart employs during the acceleration process. The accelerator aims to build a community of startup founders with exceptional potential and promise.

Manas Pal and Aditya Darolia, the Founders of PedalStart, expressed their excitement about the launch, stating, “We’re thrilled to extend our support to the growing pool of entrepreneurs through the Series-2 fund. At PedalStart, our commitment lies in empowering startups with the resources and guidance necessary to navigate the competitive sphere and emerge as trailblazers. The infusion of funds from our Series-2 initiative will catalyze these startups to propel their growth and realize their vision. We invite all enterprising founders to seize this opportunity and begin the transformative journey with PedalStart. Together, we can forge a future brimming with innovation, resilience, and boundless possibilities.”

PedalStart will conduct the selection process for identifying the recipients of the fund through a meticulous vetting procedure, emphasizing the execution and performance exhibited by startups within PedalStart’s Accelerated Startup program. By scrutinizing the growth trajectory and scalability potential of each contender, PedalStart aims to identify 5-7 startups poised for exponential growth, expansion, and impact who will receive funds from the internal company fund launch. Entrepreneurs gain significant value from being part of this platform, as they become part of a large and influential community of entrepreneurs forged by PedalStart. Since its inception, the PedalStart community has grown to include 10,000 startups, over 300 mentors, and 1600 founders.

Entrepreneurs eager to vie for the Series-2 fund are encouraged to explore the application process on the PedalStart website. With applications open to startups seeking to supercharge their growth and amplify their impact, PedalStart aims to provide a platform for visionary founders from various sectors. They are particularly interested in investing in robotics, deep-tech, medical science, and other innovative fields.

In conclusion, PedalStart’s Series-2 fund launch signifies a significant step towards nurturing the startup ecosystem and fostering innovation in India. With its commitment to supporting early-stage startups, PedalStart is poised to make a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape, paving the way for a future driven by innovation and creativity.

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