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Shark Tank India Season 3: Inspiring Startups for a Better Tomorrow

Shark Tank India Season 3

Startup & Entrepreneurship

Shark Tank India Season 3: Inspiring Startups for a Better Tomorrow

As Season 3 of Shark Tank India unfolds, it continues to captivate audiences with its showcase of innovative and impactful business ideas. Entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, including those from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, are stepping into the limelight, highlighting the show’s role in fostering entrepreneurship across the country.

Amit Jain, the founder and CEO of CarDekho, returns as a Shark from Season 2, playing a pivotal role in guiding and nurturing the new wave of entrepreneurs. Season 3 has already witnessed some remarkable pitches aligned with Amit’s investment philosophy, leading to investments in two companies so far – The Honest Home Company and Tiggle.

In a recent episode, while Amit didn’t close any deals, the pitches presented were compelling and showcased the innovative spirit of Indian entrepreneurs. One standout pitch came from Amey Desai, the founder of Lifespark Technologies, who introduced “WALK,” India’s first mobility aid for Parkinson’s patients. The use of haptic technology to address the freezing of gait impressed the Sharks, particularly resonating with Amit’s passion for tech-driven solutions with social impact.

Amit shared his thoughts on the episode and the pitches, highlighting the standout ideas and the reasons behind his investment decisions:

WALK: Amit was deeply impressed by Amey Desai’s pitch for WALK, recognizing its potential to make a positive impact. He admired the innovation and purpose behind WALK, seeing it as a perfect fit for his investment philosophy. Amit noted Amey’s passion and clarity of thought, making WALK an ideal investment opportunity. He expressed excitement about WALK’s journey and its potential to create a meaningful impact.

Raja Rani Clothing: The pitch from Mohit and Priya, the founders of Raja Rani Clothing, stood out for their focus on addressing the skill gap in India’s tailoring industry. Their academy, with a substantial student base, showcased a scalable model. Amit appreciated their online-offline hybrid approach and their emphasis on practical skills. He sees startups like Raja Rani Clothing as the foundation of a developed India, creating sustainable businesses and generating local employment.

Decode Age: Amit evaluated Decode Age, India’s first longevity-focused company, presented by Rakesh, Parth, and Darshit. While he acknowledged the bold vision of the founders, he felt that the innovation aspect was lacking. Amit believed that the company’s approach seemed to involve importing product/tech rather than building a 10x better product. As a result, he chose not to invest at this point.

For Amit, Shark Tank is not just about deals but also about highlighting the potential of entrepreneurs and the decisions investors make in supporting these businesses. He views each pitch as an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

As Season 3 of Shark Tank India continues, audiences can expect more inspiring stories and innovative ideas that have the power to shape a better tomorrow. Stay tuned for the next episode of Shark Tales, where the entrepreneurial journey unfolds with new challenges and triumphs.

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