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Staqu intends to increase its workforce by 33 percent 

Staqu intends to increase its workforce by 33 percent


Staqu intends to increase its workforce by 33 percent 

Staqu, India’s leading AI implementation enabler has announced plans to increase its talent pool by 33 % by the end of this fiscal year. The current staff strength of Staqu is approximately 75 and with the scheduled recruitment drive, the company is on track to cross the mark of 100 employees. The announcement follows after the company experienced explosive growth in fiscal years 21-22. The announcement comes amidst a scenario wherein major tech players of the industry are laying off their employees.

The brand will be aggressively hiring mid-level and senior-level employees in the department of digital technologies, sales and marketing. Staqu is particularly on the hunt for skilled applicants for its NCR location where the brand is headquartered. This hiring drive has brightened the faces of many talented professionals looking for promising opportunities at a time when major startups from various industries are laying off their employees.

Commenting on the hiring targets Mr. Atul Rai, co-founder and CEO of Staqu affirmed: “We are intensifying our strong momentum of growth with strategic investments in skills through talent acquisition, which will help us meet our immediate objectives while also positioning us well for future success. The new hires will also allow us to build on our product strength and customer momentum while scaling the brand more aggressively than we had planned and validating our ability to disrupt the embedded edge industry by bringing effortless AI solutions to this multi-trillion-dollar market.”

Staqu’s success can be measured by its developments which include being recognised by the British High Commission as the Best Al Start-up in the country. Additionally, Staqu presently works with over 100 enterprises and 9 state governments. Its clientele includes Rebel food, JK Cement, WeWork, Olive Co-living, Embassy, Tata Projects, Tata Consumer and Borosil among others. Furthermore, triumphing at IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program, Staqu has successfully raised investment from Indian Angel Network.

Staqu, founded in 2015, is an AI startup that is leading the security and enterprise big data analytics domains with proprietary video analytics, big data, and auditing tools that use advanced deep learning research and cutting-edge engineering. As the human brain is incapable of analysing a large number of feeds streaming from CCTV cameras, Staqu’s notable product JAARVIS automates real-time facial recognition, vehicle detection, people counting, and detection of intrusion. 

JARVIS is an audio-video analytics and management technology platform that uses AI and computer vision to generate meaningful information from long CCTV video footage with short and crisp real-time alerts. JARVIS provides a user-friendly dashboard that enables clients to monitor critical incidents and take appropriate action. JARVIS’s results are reliant and precise, for eg, the Facial Recognition System has more than 99.7% accuracy in the LFW Dataset, Youtube Faces, Indian and foreign facial databases.

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