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TSAW Drones to hire over 350 new employees by year-end

TSAW Drones Intends to Hire 350+ New Employees by the End of the Calendar Year 2023


TSAW Drones to hire over 350 new employees by year-end

Drone tech startup TSAW Drones has announced aggressive plans to increase its talent pool by hiring 350+ new employees by the end of the calendar year 2023. The current full-time workforce strength of TSAW Drones is around 50 and with the scheduled recruitment dive, the startup is on track to cross the mark of 400+ employees. In the previous quarter, TSAW Drones had successfully roped in 30+ employees. The new hiring announcement comes in the wake of the company’s explosive growth plans to advance its product portfolio as well as mark its footprints in 6 new geographies.

The country’s leading drone logistics service provider is seeking experienced professionals as well as first-time job seekers, including recent college graduates, across multiple verticals. The hiring effort is focused on bringing on board Drone Pilots; Designers & Technicians; Operation Heads and others. The work format is office-based, and the primary location for talent acquisition is New Delhi.

Commenting on the hiring targets Sudhanshu Mishra, Head of people of TSAW Drones said: “Startups and companies in India have been hit hard by the funding winter and thousands of employees have been laid off recently. However, the addressable market for what we do at TSAW Drones is unprecedented, particularly in these times of economic turmoil and transition. The new staff of professionals will not only position us to dominate the industry but will also have a deep impact on the advancement of this new sector. Additionally, we intend to maintain a positive work environment for our freshers as it is as essential to our growth and success as modeling innovative drone technology solutions for our clients.”

TSAW Drones’ hiring spree coincides with corporate downsizing at Indian startups and top IT companies, including Facebook and Instagram-owner Meta, Google, Microsoft, and others, for a broad range of factors. To attract and retain good candidates in the competitive landscape, TSAW Drones intends to host informative events, conduct fast-track interviews, showcase strong employee benefits, deploy employees’ networks for sourcing candidates as well as connect with leading Universities. Moreover, the drone technology startup promises to provide a first-rate employee experience by offering company-sponsored medical health insurance, an inclusive working environment, and flexible working hours perks for every staffer.

Founded in 2019, by Kishan and Rimanshu, TSAW (Technit Space and Aero Works) is a drone technology company with a vision to facilitate industries by the introduction of drone-based tech solutions. The brand is headquartered in IIT Delhi. All these drones are operated on lithium batteries with Zero Carbon Emission. DRONECO is one of the brands under TSAW’s umbrella which is focused on providing logistics services using drones. All the drones are powered by TSAW’s propriety Drone Cloud Intelligence System (DCIS), a cloud-based autopilot, which performs jobs like automatic path planning, drone traffic deconfliction and predictive health management & recovery, hence reducing the downtime to approximately Zero mins between flights and providing better operational efficiency.

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