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White inc., creator of Instagram DTC brands, raises over $1 million

White inc., creator of Instagram DTC brands, raises over $1 million


White inc., creator of Instagram DTC brands, raises over $1 million

White.Inc, a digitally native consumer product holding company founded by Siddharth Gadodia & Young Yun in 2021 has raised over $1 million to further build its team besides helping in product development, brand development and tech infrastructure. Based in Bangalore, the company is a house to premium Instagram-first D2C brands including Cookware, Drinkware, Houseplants, Apple Gear, and Luggage. Currently, the company has 2 brands which are UnBottle (Drinkware) and Totem (Apple Gears). 

Estimated to reach USD 100 billion by 2025, India’s D2C market is bound to grow at a fast pace and the changing consumer behaviour is further fuelling it. One of the major reasons for this massive funding has been the timing of White Inc’s entrance in the market, which allows it ample time to successfully establish itself in this growing space. Led by Dholakia Ventures, Inflection Point Ventures and First Port alongside angel investors like Suhail Sameer and Shashvat Nakrani from BharatPe, Guruvanth Vaid from 4G Capital Ventures, and Aniket Gore from Ceramet Group, White Inc has raised over $1 million to tap into an underserved space where unmet and unarticulated needs are discovered to create innovative products that meet consumer needs. Unbottle is also one such need. 

 “In the last few years, we have seen many unicorns emerging in the D2C segment in India. The changing consumer buying behaviour and acceptance of D2C brands will continue to drive this segment. White Inc comes in at a time when the macro trends are looking clear. This has helped them with the positioning and the market segment they want to target. We see an alignment with their business vision and strategy and thus decided to invest in the brand,” said Vinay Bansal, Founder & CEO of Inflection Point Ventures.

 In response, Siddharth Gadodia, Founder & CEO of White.Inc said: “We are going after the premium category in the D2C space as there are a substantial number of niche segments in India where we can build brands that generate INR 200 crore in revenue. Our goal is to reach a revenue of INR 1000 Cr+ in the next 4 years by creating 5-6 differentiated D2C brands. Rising purchasing power, the YOLO concept, and lifestyle upgrades of a large section of the Indian population will drive the growth of our brands. The recent capital infusion will allow us to achieve our goals. We’re thankful to our marquee investors for placing their faith in us and backing us in our journey.”

Founded by Siddharth Gadodia in 2022, White.Inc, the parent company of Unbottle is a digitally native consumer product providing high-quality and differentiated products. The company has raised over $1 million with their two successful DTC brands in 2022 that are Unbottle (Drinkware) and Totem (Apple Gear). 

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