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UniQuest: Revolutionizing Financial Reporting and ESG Research with AI

UniQuest AI assistant


UniQuest: Revolutionizing Financial Reporting and ESG Research with AI

Uniqus Consultech Inc., a prominent ESG and Accounting & Reporting Consulting company, has unveiled UniQuest, a groundbreaking web-based AI-powered research product aimed at transforming the way finance and sustainability executives conduct research and manage knowledge on financial reporting and ESG matters.

UniQuest stands out for its utilization of cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of research and knowledge management. The platform offers a range of key features designed to streamline research processes:

  1. Focused Results: Leveraging a customized knowledge bank, UniQuest delivers high-quality results on financial reporting and ESG topics swiftly. The platform provides highly accurate and focused search results, enabling users to obtain the right outcomes on their areas of interest.
  2. Interactive Search: UniQuest’s ‘Ask UniQuest AI’ feature allows users to query the platform and receive detailed insights. Employing advanced techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), semantic analysis, and machine learning, UniQuest delivers highly relevant responses to user queries.
  3. Document Chat: With UniQuest’s document chat feature, users can upload their own PDF documents and engage in dynamic discussions within the platform. UniQuest assists in identifying key data points, extracting specific information, or generating summaries with ease and efficiency.
  4. Notes Creator: UniQuest includes an intuitive note-taking feature that provides an integrated platform to create, edit, and organize documents, consolidating all relevant data points in one central location.

Jamil Khatri, Co-Founder & CEO of Uniqus, expressed, “UniQuest reflects our commitment to leveraging emerging technologies and our deep expertise for the benefit of our clients and the wider ecosystem.”

Sandip Khetan, Co-Founder and Global Head of Accounting & Reporting Consulting, added, “The financial and non-financial reporting landscape is rapidly changing, and its increasing complexities have created the need for accurate, relevant, and rapid research & knowledge management to make more informed decisions. With UniQuest, we seek to significantly enhance research capabilities within the realm of financial reporting and ESG by leveraging Generative AI.”

UniQuest is available free to all users at UniQuest, offering a transformative platform for finance and sustainability executives to elevate their research and knowledge management practices.

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