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Anirban Blah

Anirban Blah

Anirban Blah is the founder and managing director of KWAN, one of India's largest entities investing in and running businesses in the entertainment space, and the CEO of Gigstart where he recently acquired an 85% stake. In addition, it owns equity in a range on businesses including Big Bang, Saavn, and more. KWAN's model is to leverage entertainment assets to invest in and incubate large, scalable businesses. The thought behind the acquisition of Gigstart, and the birth of this association is quite a visionary one. “We are investing in Gigstart as we believe technology is disrupting every sector and sooner or later, it will disrupt entertainment as well”. Gigstart not only provides opportunities to indigenous artists from all over the country, but also gives an amalgamation of people like students, wedding planners, event curators from smaller cities an option of connecting with artists from other cities. People with small to big budgets can actually get a complete package fitting their exact requirement.

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