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Kapil Goswamy

Kapil Goswamy

Mr. Kapil Goswamy, Managing Director, BigBreaks has experience of over 30 years in travel and tourism business and a constant urge to redefine customer experience, he is an industry veteran who has seen and presided over many revolutionary phases in the organized travel industry in India. An Economics graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Kapil’s entry into the Travel and Tourism Industry was purely accidental and was influenced by his selection in the Oberoi School of Hotel Management as a Management Trainee while he was pursuing Law. Gaining experience from the opportunity, Kapil then moved to Mercury Travels (formerly owned by the Oberoi Group of Hotels) where he worked for several years understanding the basics of the Travel and Tourism business. Following short stints in two other Travel companies, Kapil then came up with the idea of starting his own venture Trans World Travels (a Corporate Ticketing business) in the year 1990. Trans World Travels has grown over the years to become an IATA Travel Company handling all aspects of Corporate Travel. He followed this up by also establishing Trans India Holidays which is one of India’s leading Inbound Tour Companies handling thousands of travelers every year. He continues to be the Managing Director of several businesses which he founded and has successfully nurtured over a 25 year time period since 1990, raising the revenues of the group from next to nothing 25 years ago to over Rs. 100 crores last year. Kapil has been a proud recipient of the National Tourism Award twice, from the President of India, in March 2013 and again in March 2014. Other achievements , have been a nomination for the “Leaders of Tomorrow” Award by ET Now, a National Television Channel during 2012, the “Taj Travel Trade Award” for 2014, the World Travel Brands Award during 2015, the “Gem of India” Award from the All India Achievers Conference in 2015 and the “2015 Leaders Award” for most admired Brand Tourism and Hospitality during 2015. A travel enthusiast himself, Mr Kapil has travelled to over 70 countries and almost all across India.

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