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Sonali Jindal

Sonali Jindal

A post-graduate from IBS Hyderabad, Sonali has a demonstrated history of working across various business functions in the Fintech industry. She possesses technical expertise in SAS and CHAID and specializes in credit risk assessment at various stages of the customer lifecycle in the domain of retail assets. By rising to the highest ranks of India’s conventionally male-dominated business world at a very young age, Sonali is a role model for women's empowerment.  Prior to co-founding Ring in 2021 and Kissht Finance in 2015, she worked as an analyst with HDFC Bank and Deutsche Bank in areas like Retail banking, Scorecard Development, Business Development and improvement of cross-holding ratio with risk factorization, Fraud Analytics, Credit Risk assessment. At Ring, Sonali has played a pivotal role in revamping the corporate identity of the company and has brought in new innovations across business divisions.

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