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Nanocyl, a Birla Carbon Brand, Set to Redefine Nanotechnology at NanoTech 2024

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Nanocyl, a Birla Carbon Brand, Set to Redefine Nanotechnology at NanoTech 2024

Nanocyl, a trailblazing Birla Carbon brand, is gearing up to make waves at NanoTech 2024, the prestigious international nanotechnology exhibition set to unfold from January 31 to February 2, 2024, at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan. The company is poised to exhibit its cutting-edge Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT) solutions, among other innovative products, at Booth 5K-02.

Laurent Kosbach, Business Head at Nanocyl, expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming event, stating, “Participating at NanoTech provides us with a unique platform to highlight our commitment to cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of industries worldwide. With the Nanocyl brand, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology, and through showcasing our solutions, we aim to contribute to the ongoing advancements in the field, fostering innovation and sustainability.”

Nanocyl’s participation in NanoTech 2024 comes on the heels of Birla Carbon’s strategic acquisition of the company in the last quarter of 2023. This move aims to augment Birla Carbon’s presence in carbon-based solutions for the Energy Systems and Plastics market, establishing a dominant position in materials crucial for the optimal performance of lithium-ion batteries and various other conductive applications, including plastics.

At Booth 5K-02, Nanocyl will unveil a range of MWCNT solutions designed for high-performance applications, offering improved energy capacity and electrical conductivity. Among these are NC7000™, NC8000™, and NX5000™, available in liquid dispersion. The Plasticyl™ solution will also be showcased, providing enhanced performance and durability for conductive plastic applications.

In addition to these, Nanocyl will spotlight Orgacyl™, a solvent-based MWCNT liquid dispersion that advances possibilities in batteries and organic electronics by offering superior conductivity and reliability. Moreover, the eco-friendly Aquacyl™, a water-based MWCNT dispersion, will be featured, meeting the sustainability demands of various industries.

NanoTech 2024 presents an opportune platform for Nanocyl to share its groundbreaking solutions in the carbon nanotubes industry. With applications spanning energy storage, automotive, electronics, and industrial sectors, Nanocyl’s high-quality MWCNT solutions are set to make a significant impact on diverse industries.

The strategic alignment with Birla Carbon, a global leader in carbon black, positions Nanocyl to further leverage its expertise and contribute to the growing demands for sustainable and innovative solutions in the nanotechnology landscape.

For those eager to explore the frontiers of nanotechnology and witness these groundbreaking solutions firsthand, Nanocyl invites attendees to visit Booth 5K-02 during NanoTech 2024. For more information, visit NanoTech 2024.

As Nanocyl continues to redefine industry standards, NanoTech 2024 promises to be a pivotal event, offering a glimpse into the future of nanotechnology and its transformative impact on various sectors.

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