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Birla Carbon Achieves ISCC PLUS Certification for Indian Plants, Reinforcing Commitment to Sustainability

Birla Carbon Achieves ISCC PLUS Certification for Indian Plants


Birla Carbon Achieves ISCC PLUS Certification for Indian Plants, Reinforcing Commitment to Sustainability

Birla Carbon, a global leader in manufacturing and supplying high-quality carbon-based solutions, proudly announces that its three Indian plants—located in Renukoot, Gummidipoondi, and Patalganga—have achieved the prestigious ISCC PLUS Certification with zero non-conformities. This certification acknowledges these plants as ‘traders with storage and conversion units for blending carbon black,’ marking a significant milestone in Birla Carbon’s sustainability journey.

A Milestone in Sustainable Manufacturing

The ISCC PLUS Certification is an internationally recognized standard for sustainability and carbon footprint management. Achieving this certification is a testament to Birla Carbon’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. This accomplishment enhances the reputation of Birla Carbon’s operations in India and positions the company as a global leader in sustainable manufacturing, reinforcing its status among regional and international stakeholders.

John Loudermilk, President and Chief Executive Officer of Birla Carbon, expressed his pride in this achievement, stating, “We are immensely proud to achieve the ISCC PLUS certification for our plants in India. These milestones signify Birla Carbon’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. It also highlights our role in driving positive change within the Indian and the larger Asia manufacturing sector. As we expand our certification efforts globally, we reinforce our dedication to setting industry benchmarks and fostering a more sustainable future.”

Expanding Global Certification Efforts

Birla Carbon’s drive to certify all its plants globally underscores the company’s dedication to setting industry standards and promoting sustainability across its operations. The ISCC PLUS certification has already been awarded to its plants in the USA, South Korea, and Italy, with more plants slated for certification throughout 2024. This global initiative aligns with Birla Carbon’s ambitious goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The company’s strategic focus on sustainability involves rigorous adherence to environmental regulations, innovative manufacturing processes, and the adoption of best practices in carbon management. By securing the ISCC PLUS certification, Birla Carbon demonstrates its proactive approach to reducing its environmental footprint and enhancing the sustainability of its products and processes.

Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Birla Carbon’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond certification. The company has implemented comprehensive sustainability initiatives, including energy-efficient production techniques, waste reduction strategies, and the development of eco-friendly products. These efforts contribute to a more sustainable future, benefiting not only the environment but also the communities in which Birla Carbon operates.

The ISCC PLUS certification of the Indian plants is a significant step towards achieving Birla Carbon’s sustainability goals. It reflects the company’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of environmental stewardship and operational excellence. As Birla Carbon continues to expand its certification efforts, it sets a benchmark for the industry, encouraging other manufacturers to adopt similar sustainable practices.

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