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Bharat Forge and Blackstraw developed AI Based HRMS to ensure employee safety

Bharat Forge and Blackstraw developed AI Based HRMS to ensure employee safety


Bharat Forge and Blackstraw developed AI Based HRMS to ensure employee safety

Bharat Forge and Blackstraw developed AI Based HRMS to ensure employee safety

AI-based video analytics solution enables companies and institutions comply with MHA guidelines for safe reopening.

The COVID19 outbreak has disrupted day-to-day lives. As most of the entities & educational institutions are resuming their operations after the three months of lockdown, it’s expected that in this period, the workplaces have now been made more safe and secure for everyone. Since safety measures have been prioritised across entities, an Indian multinational company Bharat Forge Limited has come up with an AI-based Health Risk Monitoring System (HRMS) to ensure a safe environment for thousands of employees entering and exiting premises.

Bharat Forge Limited (BFL), a Pune based company in collaboration with a tech startup Blackstraw has launched this AI-based video analytics solution that enables companies and institutions to comply with MHA guidelines for safe reopening.

The two primary components of HRMS include a contactless thermal screening system integrated with an RFID badge reader which scans and maintains a record of the temperature of every person entering and exiting the premises. Secondly, the algorithms running on Surveillance CCTV cameras monitor human behaviour. The system can alert administrators and provide a dashboard when social distancing norms are not met or if an employee is not wearing a Face Mask.

Baba Kalyani, Chairman, and Managing Director, Bharat Forge Ltd., said, “At Bharat Forge, safety has always been a priority. Now with this pandemic, safety norms have become more stringent, and correctly so. We have developed HRMS to reduce manual interference and keep an effective check on safety norms. This technological approach has ensured maximum safety for employees.”

Bharat Forge claims HRMS is ideal for deploying in high–footfall areas like educational campuses, hospitals, gated communities, retail stores, railway stations, airports, and transit points to help prevent the spread of COVID19 by monitoring individual and societal health. It also intends to make the developed HRMS system available widely across schools and enterprises which will help them to reopen their premises and businesses respectively safely.

Commenting on the launch of HRMS, Rajinder Singh Bhatia, President & CEO of Bharat Forge Ltd (Defence &Aerospace), said, “In partnership with Blackstraw, we are creating several real-world applications of AI software both on civilian and military fronts. Health Risk Monitoring System is an example of our investment being utilised in critical times to help the society at large.”

Atul Arya, CEO at Blackstraw, said, “The partnership with Bharat Forge has led to the development of a range of video analytic products over the last year. HRMS has been a quick and timely assembly of technological components developed overtime for an immediate need. We strongly believe that this platform will not only safeguard companies and their employees but will also help reinstate confidence and normality.”

Presently, HRMS is being deployed at The Kalyani School, Pune and all critical facilities of Bharat Forge pan-India.

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