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AjnaLens at GDC 2024: Showcasing Innovative XR Solutions

AjnaLens Showcases Innovative XR Solutions at GDC 2024


AjnaLens at GDC 2024: Showcasing Innovative XR Solutions

India’s AjnaLens is set to make a significant mark on the global Extended Reality (XR) movement at the esteemed Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024 in San Francisco, California. AjnaLens, a pioneering force in XR technology, will showcase its innovative range of XR solutions at the event from March 18th to March 22nd, aiming to position India as a key technology hub for gaming and gamified learning worldwide.

AjnaLens’ participation at GDC 2024 marks its second major presence at a prominent US event, following its recognition at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where the company received the Innovation Award for unveiling its AjnaXR glasses and AjnaVidya suite of XR developer tools.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of GDC 2024 and to showcase our latest innovations in XR technology,” said Mr. Abhishek Tomar, CTO and Co-founder of AjnaLens. “As the largest Indian XR company, we are happy to represent our country’s thriving digital industry on a global platform. Our vision is to augment human intelligence by leveraging XR technology to gamify learning and skill development. With our participation in GDC, we aim to be recognized by global creators as a vital tool they need to unleash their imaginations and reinvent the possibilities of XR.”

Established in 1988, GDC is one of the premier events for game developers and industry professionals worldwide. AjnaLens’ presence at the event will provide a platform to interact with innovators from across the globe, showcase cutting-edge technologies, and contribute to discussions on the future of immersive experiences and gaming.

AjnaLens is known for its technological excellence and commitment to pushing boundaries in immersive experiences. One standout feature is its implementation of unlimited computational power, enabling developers to achieve unparalleled levels of creativity and efficiency. The company’s comprehensive ecosystem supports creators in bringing their concepts to life smoothly, encompassing development, publishing, and growth on a single platform.

Through its participation at GDC 2024, AjnaLens aims to not only showcase its innovations but also pave the way for the Indian technology sector to compete on a global scale. The event will serve as a platform for AjnaLens to establish itself as a leader in XR technology and contribute to shaping the future of immersive experiences worldwide.

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