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The Plunge Daily Launches CoroAssist, a Secure GenAI Co-Pilot for Enterprise Information Retrieval, Powered by BharatGPT

Information Retrieval System

Technology Launches CoroAssist, a Secure GenAI Co-Pilot for Enterprise Information Retrieval, Powered by BharatGPT, a Conversational AI startup, has launched CoroAssist, a secure GenAI Information Retrieval System powered by BharatGPT, their Large Language Model (LLM). This revolutionary system aims to transform how enterprises access and interact with crucial data, providing optimized decision-making tools and preventing reputational, compliance, and financial losses due to a lack of knowledge and timely information.

CoroAssist leverages a state-of-the-art LLM-based RAG framework to swiftly deliver accurate, role-based information from a variety of reliable sources, including websites, documents, videos, ERP/CRM systems, and APIs. By utilizing virtual assistants fluent in users’ preferred languages, CoroAssist ensures better decision-making without any hassle. The system is not only super secure but also built on an industry-specific LLM-based RAG framework, allowing for deployment in less than a day.

Ankush Sabharwal, CEO of CoRover, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “CoroAssist represents a remarkable leap forward in information retrieval for businesses.” He thanked the team for their hard work and dedication in bringing this groundbreaking solution to life.

Key components of CoroAssist include a real-time AI-powered RAG framework, transparent source references, a multi-lingual, multi-channel, and multi-format virtual assistant, secure and reliable deployment, and responsible responses to minimize misleading information.

In addition to CoroAssist, recently introduced BharatGPT, India’s first LLM, aiming to revolutionize AI conversations across 22 Indian languages. The company has a track record of winning the trust of large enterprises like Microsoft, Birlasoft, Google, and Accenture, with its quick turnaround time and versatility. has also received prestigious recognitions, including the national startup award and being recognized as the best firm for Data Science by AIM. They also won the Combat Covid-19 Challenge launched by Karnataka Innovation & Technology Society with their solution and were the winner of the AatmaNirbharBharat App Innovation Challenge launched by the Prime Minister of India.

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