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Hanooman: India’s Most Accessible GenAI Platform Announces Strategic Partnership with 3AI Holding

GenAI Platform Hanooman Enters Strategic Partnership with 3AI Holding


Hanooman: India’s Most Accessible GenAI Platform Announces Strategic Partnership with 3AI Holding

Hanooman, the upcoming GenAI platform jointly owned by SML India and 3AI Holding, is set to revolutionize the AI landscape in India. With its focus on affordability and accessibility, Hanooman aims to reach 200 million users in its first year of launch, catering to users in 22 Indian languages. This strategic partnership between SML India and 3AI Holding marks a significant milestone in the AI industry, bringing together cutting-edge technology and a shared vision of democratizing AI for the masses.

The partnership between SML India and 3AI Holding brings together two powerhouse companies with a shared commitment to advancing AI innovation. By combining 3AI Holding’s proprietary Omega generative AI with Hanooman’s advanced multimodal and multilingual capabilities, the platform is poised to offer users a unique and powerful AI experience. This collaboration not only enhances Hanooman’s capabilities but also positions it as a frontrunner in the AI industry, competing with global AI platforms.

Arjun Prasad, Managing Director of 3AI Holding, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are committed to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation to enhance human well-being and societal development. The partnership with SML to power Hanooman is a step towards our shared vision to provide equitable AI access to the Indian masses. We are focusing on catering to a diverse range of users through our advanced multilingual text capabilities. This collaboration is aligned with our vision of bridging the gap between India and Bharat.”

Dr. Vishnu Vardhan, Co-Founder & CEO of SML India, echoed these sentiments, saying, “We are excited to partner with 3AI Holding to introduce a more advanced avatar of ‘Hanooman,’ which will revolutionize how Indians interact with technology. With this strategic partnership, we aim to reach 200 million users in 22 Indian languages within 12 months. 3AI Holding’s proprietary, patent-pending Omega generative AI will further help us expand our reach to the masses in a way that has never been possible before.”

The collaboration between SML India and 3AI Holding signifies a new era of AI innovation in India, where technology is made accessible to all. With Hanooman, users can expect a transformative AI experience that caters to their specific needs and preferences. As India’s largest and most affordable GenAI platform, Hanooman is set to redefine the way Indians interact with AI, paving the way for a more inclusive and accessible future.

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