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Reverie video campaign bats for language equality on the Internet

Reverie video campaign bats for language equality on the Internet


Reverie video campaign bats for language equality on the Internet

Reverie Language Technologies, a leader in Indian language localisation and user engagement technology solutions, has launched a video campaign to raise awareness about India’s digital language divide. 

Today, enterprises want to engage with the next billion digital citizens, but a majority of the non-English-speaking Indian population may find the Internet has little to offer in the languages they speak at home. Reverie is bridging this gap with its state-of-the-art technology, powered by AI and ML, by providing all 22 official Indian languages with a presence on the Internet.

The video highlights how most of the Indian population is unable to fulfill even their fundamental rights like the right to education and the right against exploitation as the internet is really siloed for them.

The brand campaign is headlined by a video delineating how demarcated the Indian internet is for Indian language-literate Indians, limiting basic rights for almost 90 per cent of the population. 

The New Education Policy 2020 recognises all Indian languages as ‘Bharat Bhasha’ and acknowledges the role of mother tongues in schools as a cornerstone in enabling access, retention and preventing dropouts. Reverie Language Technologies aims to facilitate this by ensuring that the content is contextually localized, keeping in mind the aesthetics of Indian languages.

“The video campaign is our humble effort to bring out that while the growth of the Indian Internet rides on our Indian-language literate digital citizens, the kind of Internet they deserve is a far cry. If we view the larger picture, the citizens are either categorized as browsers or ones that depend on OTP or QR verification, depriving them of the seamless Internet that English-literate citizens experience. Despite the massive strides India has made in the digital world, our native language literate citizens are still struggling to bridge the digital language divide and reap the benefits of the Internet and all it has to offer. Significant changes will not occur if languages on the Internet are not implemented through India-owned standards for our native languages. Through our campaign, we hope to build an equitable Internet for India.”, said Vivekananda Pani, Co-founder and CTO at Reverie Language Technologies. 

Amongst the nine pillars the government’s vision of a ‘Digital India’ infrastructurally thrives on – data, devices and languages. With the advent of smartphones and cheap data plans, the first two have been achieved. However, language equality is the key to digital transformation – it must be accessible without any entry or engagement barriers.

Imbalances in the information available in different native languages online affect who and what gets represented – and by whom. By partnering with businesses and government organizations, Reverie is filling this void by retaining the essence and nuance of all 22 official Indian languages across industries such as banking, fintech, education, healthcare, and gaming.”

Reverie Language Technologies is a mission-first company, striving to drive “Language Equality on the Internet.”

 We empower businesses and governments through our proprietary language technologies for text, voice, and video across the entire gamut of a digital customer’s journey. These include machine translation, speech-to-text, text-to-speech conversions, search and discovery, Indic fonts, etc. Our technologies and solutions power digital assets like websites, applications (mobile/web), chatbots, IVRs, and more.

Our confidence exudes from over thirteen years of experience in advanced language localization technologies. We deliver cutting-edge solutions to both governments and enterprises with a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals and our partner ecosystem. 

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