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Is the eCommerce platform really mocking the church or simply ignorant? – What an idea Aditya Birla Group Sirjee?

A young girl changes in a room which looks like a confession room in the church - Ad campaign by


Is the eCommerce platform really mocking the church or simply ignorant? – What an idea Aditya Birla Group Sirjee?

Happy Dussehra, Happy Vijayadashmi or Simply a Happy Day to you!

It’s the festival time for this part of the world where the majority has an important religious day and event to celebrate. The uniqueness of India i.e. secular fabric of the country makes sure that members of various faith join in all celebrations. Despite the futile attempts to muddy the waters with Christmas rechristened as Good Governance day to BJP’s President Amit Shah trying to turn Onam into ‘Brahminical Vamana Jayanti’ we Indians always see through it and celebrate each festival the way it should be.

I am religious; I am an atheist, but I have tolerance. Don’t we? But who gives the license to anyone to mock a faith or use it to deliver a marketing message, clearly in bad taste. Some liberals won’t have a problem, but then I as a liberal has a problem, and I think even more liberals should have a problem.

The latest company to join the insensitive advertising campaign is an Aditya Birla Group Company.

Please have a close look at the most recent ad campaign released –

The campaign – Sunday Delivery Service by

Synopsis –  The advertisement shows a girl attending the Sunday Church Service. An delivery guy delivers a package from which has a raunchy dress (going by the old man drooling). In the middle of the church proceedings, the girl walks into a room which apparently looks like a confession room. She changes into this dress (transforming into an object, something women hate) and when she walks out an old man (who we would call a pervert in the real world) starts drooling looking at this girl of her daughter’s age in a sexy dress. She walks out of the church and leaves with another guy. A choice she makes over the church proceedings.

Don’t start a fight nor dismiss this, but think is this needed? If we want to question and ignore then talk to a man of reason and he will question, and he will question everything. A religion and logic don’t go hand in hand.

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