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Bangalore Open Air 2014 And The Crowdfunding Route


Bangalore Open Air 2014 And The Crowdfunding Route

Metal Battle India And The Crowdfunding Route

Bangalore Open Air, based on the concept behind Wacken Open Air, the biggest global metal festival, is now in its third year. Over the past, two editions, some of the biggest metal acts including Animals as Leaders, Ihsaan, Iced Earth and Dark Tranquility have performed there along with the flag bearers for the India scene like Demonic Resurrection and Kryptos. Spearheaded by Salman U Syed of Metalkart, the gig also holds the finals of the Wacken Metal BattleIndia Leg competition as the 27th country to do so. With bands like Eccentric Pendulum already having won and performed at Wacken Open Air, the battle holds great scope for the promotion of Indian metal abroad.

This year, 6 cities will see bands fighting it out in the prelims rounds.

May 17 – Kolkata (Someplace Else) – Noyze Akademi, Gypsy, Ashencore

May 18 – Guwahati (Terra Mayaa) – The Last Exorcists, Corpulent Deformity, Plague Throat

May 22 – Mumbai (Crazy Blue) – Orion, Halahkuh, System House 33, Asylum

May 23 – Hyderabad (Moshpit) – Perpetual Void, Head Motif

May 24 – Chennai(Geoffreys) – Before the Holocaust, Trojan Horse, Halycon Days

May 24 – Bangalore (Goethe Inst.) – Theorized, Orchid, High Frequency, Counterplot Theory

May 25 – Bangalore (Vapour) – National Finals headlined by Suidakra, Kryptos, Bevar Sea, Eccentric Pendulum and The Down Troddence, and featuring the 6 finalists.

With the organisers opting for the “crowdfunding” route, collaboration with has set a rather ambitious total of Rs.44 Lakh to be collected. They have collected about Rs.3 Lakh with a little under a month to go. Fans have steadily been provided with names of possible headlining acts, including Mayhem and Steven Wilson. However, the bands will not be confirmed to play unless the total amount has been collected. If the target is not achieved, contributors get their money back and the gig simply does not take place. With the difficulties acquiring sponsors, which also simultaneously prove to be a crutch, the crowdfunding option is quickly becoming hip in the event management scene. Read up on Parvaaz’s crowdfunding campaign here.

Here’s a visual aid on this particular crowdfunding concept:




Here’s Mayhem’s Necrobutcher with a personal message for BOA 2014’s crowdfunding.

The event is expected to happen around September this year. Contribute to the funding here.

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