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eSevak: CoRover-Powered AI Chatbot Revolutionizes Citizen Grievance Redressal in Jammu

eSevak: CoRover-Powered AI Chatbot


eSevak: CoRover-Powered AI Chatbot Revolutionizes Citizen Grievance Redressal in Jammu

In a landmark development for efficient governance, Samba Deputy Commissioner Abhishek Sharma recently inaugurated eSevak, an AI-based WhatsApp chatbot developed in collaboration with, India’s leading AI startup. The launch took place alongside a range of digital services aimed at modernizing administrative processes and enhancing public convenience. eSevak is poised to transform citizen-government interactions by providing a direct channel for citizens to communicate grievances to department heads, ensuring prompt redressal and quality disposal of public issues.

The introduction of eSevak is part of a comprehensive suite of digital interventions designed to streamline service delivery and administrative efficiency. Among the key initiatives unveiled during the inauguration ceremony was the installation of CCTV cameras across all tehsil offices, the implementation of e-office systems up to the naib tehsildar level, and the digitization of revenue records. Additionally, a state-of-the-art digital record room equipped with advanced scanning and printing facilities was inaugurated, further enhancing administrative processes.

Deputy Commissioner Abhishek Sharma expressed gratitude to all stakeholders involved in bringing eSevak to fruition, particularly highlighting the collaborative efforts of the DIO NIC and the eSevak team at He emphasized the transformative potential of digital solutions in empowering citizens and fostering inclusive development.

The launch of eSevak and the broader digital initiatives underscore the administration’s commitment to embracing technology for societal advancement. It represents a significant stride towards building a digitally empowered Samba, where citizens have easy access to essential services and their voices are promptly heard and acted upon.

This initiative marks a significant leap forward in leveraging technology for citizen welfare and transparent governance, setting a new standard for efficient and responsive administration.

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