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In a world connected by social media, digital marketing is the new trend

digital marketing


In a world connected by social media, digital marketing is the new trend

Digital marketing has gained a lot of traction recently. There are brands from different sectors vying a share for the consumer mind space. While there are social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube which are slowly gaining maturity, there are newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat which are fast gaining recognition. Search engine continue to hold momentum, as many users continue to search with defined keywords and target searches.

Digital media is fast growing. Here are a few trends that have developed throughout 2015 and are here to stay in 2016 too.

Development of Facebook and Twitter as a search engine

Right now Google is the wide-search internet platform for users. A paradigm shift to searching on Facebook for e-commerce is the clear line of vision, especially for buying products. A Facebook search engine will enable the users to search for a brand within the sphere of social media network and the brands, in turn, will get a chance to boost up their visibility-directly to their target audience. There are additional features which can be explored like brand conversation with the users through Facebook messenger. Then, the whole gamut of social media interaction can be used for discussion on your product purchase which includes telling your friends, and sharing with them.

Snapchat: Real time brand messaging

Snapchat enables users to share video/photo messaging with their contacts. It is a messaging app equipped with additional features like recording videos; adding text to images, enabling users to send them to one of their contacts. The marketing hook for brands is to share exclusive brand content in real time with a targeted timeline. Younger generation can look at the upcoming products/services through photos or videos, which echoes the brand voice.

Instagram for visual brand simulation

Visual simulation through the Instagram platform is like sharing real-life experiences captured intimately. Instagram has already started offering selected advertising opportunities. In 2016, the paid advertising opportunities will be available to all the brands. An appealing multi-page ad format or creating 30 second video ads will go a long way in creating a lasting brand impression.

Word-of-mouth online marketing

In a social media world, it has already been proven that the consumers like to show their purchase to their close looped network of friends. Chances are high, if the consumer recommends a product to his/her friend, then it might end up in another product buy. If we replicate this user generated content strategy for brands, with the brands sharing their customers experienced on different social platform; it will prove to be effective.

Multi-channel experience

An omni-channel experience is the next norm for shopping online. The brands have already started making their presence felt across different digital channels which includes, a desktop to a mobile shopping experience, and in addition, to an in-store to a telephonic sales experience.  It is the urgency of making yourself available at every customer platform. It only enables a brand to target customers with the right message at the right time in the right place. For example, subject to a qualitative analysis of the consumer behaviour during internet browsing, or the number of clicks for purchasing in apps, you can start digital marketing for physical customers as well. Likewise, digital advertising can be targeted by analyzing the customer in store behaviour, while making a decision to purchase a product.


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