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Zopper joins Citrus Pay to ease out in-app purchases

Zopper joins Citrus Pay to ease out in-app purchases


Zopper joins Citrus Pay to ease out in-app purchases

In yet another collaboration between e-commerce and online payment portals, hyper-local marketplace Zopper allows users to pay for their purchases through a payment gateway on their mobile app. This will be a vital move towards gaining customers’ trust since the company is currently aiming at expanding all over the country.

Owned by Solvy Tech Solutions, Zopper has tied up with Mumbai-based CitrusPay Solutions, one of the leading online payment gateways in India.

“We have integrated Citrus Pay’s payment technology on to our app, and this will go a long way in easing consumer worries when making payments online,” said Neeraj Jain, cofounder and chief executive of Zopper, which mainly lists consumer electronics such as mobile phones on its platform.

Zopper was founded in 2011 by Jain and Surjendu Kalia is currently active in three cities and wants to expand to 30 cities. As of now, they have 5,000 merchants but the number is expected to increase by 20,000. Both the expectations are slated to be reached by the end of this fiscal year.

It has been funded by Blume Ventures and Nirvana Ventures and lets users to search for and compare prices of consumer electronics. Users can then purchase the desired product from its partnered physical retail stores present in the proximity. In future, the company is also aiming at fashion and furniture.

There has been a growing trend among e-commerce start-ups that are targeting swift deliveries through collaborations with merchants present in the cities. “In India, while e-commerce will continue to grow at a substantial space, local commerce, especially in electronics, will grow at 10 times the pace,” said Jain.

On the other hand, payment gateways are becoming crucial points for such hyper-local marketplaces. Other successful start-ups like food ordering app TinyOwl, online restaurant FreshMenu and food tech startup Box8 have also partnered with CitrusPay.

“Hyper-local businesses are getting huge traction from, both merchants and consumers, and payments are a critical component to keep the consumers engaged. Having payment gateways integrated allows the ventures to track the actual consumption of transactions, as well as establish complete trust between the merchants and buyers,” said Jitendra Gupta, co-founder of CitrusPay.

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