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Bonita’s journey in the household utility industry


Bonita’s journey in the household utility industry

What’s really noticeable about the Indian start-up industry is the fact that how entrepreneurial ventures transform even the most common and ‘un-glamorous’ things into lucrative and eye-catching business models that showcase some of the most attractive and ergonomic products.

Carving its own niche in the household utility industry, Bonita has emerged as a leading brand to provide stylish and innovative home decor pieces. It can be safely declared that the company has shifted the home utility products market from a commodity category to a branded one.

Bonita started back in 2012 and today has more than a thousand independent house wares stores across 45 cities in the country. The venture adopted the concept of establishing an Indian brand globally instead of working as a manufacturer with some other brand name. Moreover, it has also promoted innovative and robust products that are not only stylish but also affordable enough to own.

By brainstorming and coming up with innovative home decor solutions, Bonita has produced a range of products such as microwave safe stainless steel bowls, ironing mat with silicone pads, vacuum bags etc. It wasn’t long before the company was noticed by international markets that soon resulted in the company winning the finalist award for innovation at Chicago Houseware Show March 2015.

Currently, Bonita has 4-5 patents under its name and has successfully established warehouses in countries like US and Prague. By July 2015, it plans to launch its brand in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Dubai and UAE in July 2015. Furthermore, it plans to expand into Canada, Russia and East European countries by August 2015.

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