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Jugnoo unveils in-house route optimization software ‘Flight Map’

Jugnoo unveils in-house route opmisation software ‘Flight Map’- mybigplunge


Jugnoo unveils in-house route optimization software ‘Flight Map’

Aiming to offer comprehensive routeing solutions to solve travel salesman and vehicle routeing problem, Jugnoo has unveiled its in-house route optimisation software ‘Flight Map’. This move further enhances the logistics and delivery ecosystem in the country.

The software was fundamentally designed for Jugnoo and its two other ventures, which are Dodo and Fatafat services, operating in intra-city travel, delivery and logistics ecology. Jugnoo has partnered with SaaS technology solution provider Click Labs to handle the registration and purchase process of this service.

Operations at Jugnoo and all our ventures became more efficient with Flight Map. After understanding the evolution it could introduce to a business, we decided to release it to the world to use, said Samar Singla, the founder and CEO, of Jugnoo.

Singla explained, “Having ventured into intra-city travel with Jugnoo and then with Dodo and Fatafat, our primary concern was to minimise the travel time and identify efficient routes. The challenge was to find the shortest or the best route to visit a given number of places, with a certain number of resources available at our disposal.”

“We were looking for a solution that could assist us to efficiently service orders to 1000 different destinations within a city. Profoundly amalgamating proficiencies of navigation; time and distance calculation; computing expenses involved with resources utilised and much more, ‘Flight Map’ was innovated,” he added.

The high demanding services of India could do well with ‘Flight Map’. Moreover, Jugnoo is releasing the API for two types of services- ‘simple vehicle routeing problem’ and ‘pickup and delivery problem’.

The user can register for the services at ‘http: //’. The services, however, are free only for businesses dealing in a maximum of 100 orders per day. Any business dealing with orders more than that needs to purchase their enterprise plan.

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