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AI World School unveils online AI learning platform for school students

I World School unveils online AI learning platform for school students


AI World School unveils online AI learning platform for school students

AI World School (AIWS) is launching its remote self-learning platform providing AI and Coding technology education to students from ages 7 to 18. AIWS announces the global launch of its self-paced online learning platform providing AI learning experiences to students at home, to homeschoolers and in K12 schools. The world is changing faster than ever amid these testing times of COVID. Children safety is paramount more than ever, and they need to face these challenges and navigate them successfully in the future. To combat this, AIWS believes that innovation, creativity & STEM skills will be essential to prepare one’s’ child to become future-ready. AI & Coding provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and for career opportunities. It is important that every child is digitally literate from the safety of their homes, in order to thrive and succeed in an increasingly complex world.

Children today grow up around AI-powered devices. AIWS believes that with the knowledge of how AI works and its impact, they have the potential to create innovative solutions to real world problems transforming societies and shaping the future of the planet. The AIWS Founders and Governing Board who have been involved with education, robotics and computer science for decades, have carefully curated a new student-centered remote learning landscape focused on the five Big Ideas of AI. The course is designed to be fun, creative, collaborative, ethical, empathetic, inclusive, purposeful and for social good. Students ages 7 to 18 will bring their projects to life with easy-to-use age-appropriate coding tools such as S4AIWS Scratch AI extension, Sn4AIWS Snap! AI extension, Phiro Code smartphone app, MIT App Inventor, Python and JavaScript. The 200+ hands-on real-time coding experiences are intuitive, self-paced, self-directed with a variety of STEM challenges and project based learning approaches. The learning outcomes of the experiential curriculum are expected to accelerate individual performance, and drive both college and career success.

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“Parents and educators are looking for online technology platforms that support student-centred learning, help work collaboratively and share their creations with peers around the globe in a personalized learning environment. At AIWS, we have designed a new transformational learning landscape focused on bridging this gap. We seek to empower children to explore, learn & create with AI in an age-appropriate environment,” said Mr. Ramana Prasad, Chairman, AIWS. “At AIWS, we want to inspire students to discover the elements of AI and flourish in an AI driven world,” said Ms. Aditi Prasad, COO. Online flagship AI courses from AIWS at launch prices of INR 8,999 and micro courses starting at INR1,999, which can be easily accessed worldwide via the internet. About AI World School We are a team of educators and technologists who are passionate about helping students explore and understand the fundamentals of AI and coding and the role that it plays in our daily life. Our mission is to help students become future-ready as they prepare for careers that will require an understanding of artificial intelligence as a key skill to prepare children to flourish in the era of AI. AI World School is brought to you by Robotix the makers of Phiro, Robobricks, and Playbits which are products used in classrooms around the world. In 2016, Phiro from Robotix was recognized by Intel as one of “America’s Greatest Makers.”

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