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Sabeer Bhatia launches video messaging platform ‘ShowReel’, aims to enable job opportunities

Sabeer Bhatia launches video messaging platform ShowReel aims to enable job opportunities

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Sabeer Bhatia launches video messaging platform ‘ShowReel’, aims to enable job opportunities

Silicon-Valley based serial techpreneur and Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia has launched a purpose-driven social video messaging platform, ShowReel, that aims to enable employment and upskilling opportunities for job seekers globally. Bhatia, who became the poster boy for the tech industry when Hotmail – one of the world’s first email services – was sold to Microsoft for USD 400 million, said ShowReel is a simulation of offline human interactions into the virtual world.

“This product was a direct result of the pandemic… the real idea for showreel was why can we not make professional videos with a purpose, not just for entertainment for other people to see, but for communicating something about me and what is the most important thing that you want to communicate when you want to get hired,” Bhatia told PTI. Currently operating in Beta mode, ShowReel was founded to match job seekers with companies struggling to find talent.

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With ShowReel, job seekers will be able to create professional videos of themselves in response to questions posed by mentors or hiring companies. The app then stitches these responses together to create a professional ShowReel. Emulating real-life scenarios, these questions will help people looking for guidance across professional, personal, leadership, and entrepreneurial growth an opportunity to prepare and self-improve.

These videos can be also shared on other social media platforms. With partner companies coming on board to solve hiring challenges, the professional ShowReels will enable job seekers to market themselves and land their dream jobs. “The timing is right. Smartphones have proliferated world over. The prices of smartphones are falling… Even the poorer sections of society have access. Here’s an opportunity to bring out the best in people, helping them make videos for a good cause for employment or health for whatever reason. That’s the reason why now is the right time,” he said.

He added that the app has been designed by a team of 20 people based in India. Available on Play Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), Showreel is onboarding some of the top recruiters, Bhatia noted. “Since the genesis of my entrepreneurial journey, building purpose-driven tech has been my driving force. This pursuit started with connecting millions of people across borders with Hotmail and today found its realisation with ShowReel.

ShowReel aims to bring conversations alive and drive real value for job seekers and companies alike,” he added. In its next phase, ShowReel will leverage AI to analyse collected data and drive actionable insights for the audience, and as the platform grows, it will empower people with conversations and opportunities that go beyond employment and upskilling.

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