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GROWiT collaborates with Jai Kisan, KVK Narayangaon to help farmers

GROWiT collaborates with Jai Kisan and KVK Narayangaon to enhance the state of farmers in India


GROWiT collaborates with Jai Kisan, KVK Narayangaon to help farmers

GROWiT, India’s leading Direct-to-Farmer (D2F) protective farming products manufacturing brand has announced its collaboration with ‘Jai Kisan’, a Rural India-centric Neobank, whose dedicated application, ‘Bharat Khata’ provides one-stop financial solutions to rural businesses and individuals with best-suited credit products and ‘KVK Narayangaon’, an organisation that looks after the well-being of farmers’ fraternity at Narayangaon district.

It is noteworthy that GROWiT has always worked ardently towards the development of farmers and the overall agricultural landscape in India. The mentioned tie-ups are deemed significant initiatives from GROWiT’s end to empower farmers across India on the financial and technological forefront. The eminent collaborations would facilitate instant loan facilities for the farmers so that they can purchase high-quality farming products to ensure a healthy yield along with making protective cultivation popular among the farmers by highlighting the benefits, best methods of incorporation and other significant areas.

The remarkable collaboration will render prolific benefits to Jai Kisan as a financial enterprise. The neobank will be able to serve more farmers and as the tie-up is intended to amiably exchange pivotal information about the potential leads (farmers), Jai Kisan’s customer portfolio would expand exponentially. Subsequently, the tie-up is advantageous for the agricultural sector too as farmers with the finances easily available would invest in supreme farming products such as protective cultivation products which will increase the yield per acre.

Commenting on the significance of the collaboration with Jai Kisan, Saurabh Agarwal, Director and CEO of GROWiT said, “We at GROWiT are excited to collaborate with Jai Kisan to accomplish the goal of providing easy finances to the farmers across India. This tie-up will enable farmers to avail of loans up to INR 25,000 for purchasing protective farming products to upgrade their farming practices. This will empower farmers financially to prosper the whole agriculture industry in the nation. It is crucial to realise the importance of financial support from the farmers’ perspective. The easy loan will increase the farming products’ affordability for farmers, which will encourage farmers to utilise agricultural products of the finest quality. We anticipate that the tie-up would encourage farmers pan India to embrace healthy cultivation practices.”

The GROWiT- Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Narayangaon collaboration is expected to assist the farmers in embracing healthy cultivation practices such as protective farming. The mentioned organisation works in-sync with the Indian government’s agriculture wing that manages and promotes the welfare of farmers across the nation. Establishing a strong partnership with such an organisation speaks volumes about the sincerity, dedication, approach, intended endeavours, impact and vast vision of GrowiT.

Commenting on the prospects of tie-up with KVK Narayangaon,  Saurabh Agarwal, Director and CEO of GROWiT said, “GROWiT is thrilled to join hands with KVK Narayangaon, a dedicated organisation that is involved in the upliftment of agriculture at the Narayangaon taluka. We anticipate that the combined endeavours of GROWiT and KVK will work wonders in the dissemination of knowledge on the significance of protective farming among the farmers. The collaboration is aimed at highlighting the multiple benefits, the best method to utilise and other significant aspects of protective cultivation. The mentioned partnership is expected to introduce the best protective farming methods and products for the farmers in the taluka which will also pave the way for increasing per acre yield and reduced cost for the farmers, thereby, prospering them financially. We are pleased to state that the collaboration will ensure that farmers get complete advantage of all the schemes related to protective farming. Also, GrowiT will actively participate in all the awareness-based events to make sure that farmers get to avail the eminent benefits of the same.”

It must be highlighted that GROWiT has enthusiastically collaborated with various organisations to uplift the agricultural industry in India. A few months back, GROWiT entered into a technology partnership with Baramati Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK). The stated tie-up emphasised the mutual exchange of expertise in the technological sphere. Likewise, to increase the awareness of protective farming techniques and products among farmers, GROWiT collaborated with Sammunati, a Chennai-based specialised agriculture value chain enabler providing innovative and customised financial and non-financial solutions. GROWiT has always invested earnest efforts to connect farmers nationwide with a greater ecosystem of protective farming measures, which makes cultivation practices effective and comparatively productive.

GROWiT India Pvt. Ltd., founded by Mr Saurabh Agarwal, is a state-of-the-art manufacturer and distributor of advanced protective farming inputs. It is India’s first Direct-to-Farmer (D2F) protective farming agritech company. The firm specialises in creating high-quality and cost-effective protective farming materials and manufacturing products. It ensures optimum quality and high yield for the Indian agricultural and farming industry while lowering its carbon footprint

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